Episode Filter Problem

Does anyone have this problem lately? The filter won’t work, and shows a warning…

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I don’t think you can do that?

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I think that you are missing a word after “blendMode”

Wait is that even possible? :thinking:

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The problem is that I’ve done it before and it has worked perfectly… I don’t know what kind of bug this is but it has been bothering me for these past few days.

What exactly? Putting different commands on one line? Or what?

It’s the filter in general. I want to chose the filter I want and when I test it out on the portal, the lighting won’t change at all no matter if it is no_colorized or colorized… then when you have the coding placed into the script, it says warning or error… no matter how I change it up, it still shows Warning, or error.

What I meant was that when you use the blendMode you have to specify the type of blend mode you are using, for example: normal, add, multiply or overlay

No, just those commands. Well now i know

Let me try that. Hold on.

Yes! It’s the filters command. You can find them by tapping the “more helpers” box in the previewer.

No like I didn’t know we could add zoom AND cut AND filters

I just thought it was for characters alone.

I would never use it though cause the disorganization would mess with my head.

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Oh! Yes, you can put lots of different commands on one line (even the overlay commands) as long as you use “and” or “then” between them.

I actually find it more organized since it helps me reduce the amount of lines.


Sorry for a late reply… I feel dumb now because I just realized that I had forgotten that. It worked lol.

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Thanks for working through this HSL issue together as a team!

We wanted to follow up and let you know that we’ve released a fix for the Filters tool so that it will include the proper blendMode instead of the erroneous <MenuItem | tag = -1> output.

Do let us know if it’s still not working. Thanks!