Episode flagged itself

This is sad. Recently, a forum user asked me to provide screenshots of the Ivy app. I agreed. This was not off-topic or anything. My post got flagged as inappropriate. I didn’t say anything, I just posted the screenshots. There you go, Episode flagged itself. I don’t have anything against Ivy but I don’t deserve to get flagged.

You don’t deserve to get flagged, but @Nick has reminded us that the forums are a PG13 app, so the screenshots are classed as inappropriate due to the explicit narration. I’ve seen other screenshots that haven’t been flagged yet, so I think Nick or one of the mods will be able to help more.


I was approached by one of the mods to take down the last two screenshots because they are inappropriate for this site, which they were. I took them down since I was in the wrong.


@itsgaby.p ^^^ the above is correct :+1: . Please keep in mind that these forums are not intended for discussion regarding a “mature app” so what is allowed to be posted from it is limited :red_light: . This means that even though this app might be made by the same company it doesn’t negate from the fact that it is intended for older users and might not be appropriate for the Episode Forum Community. Anyone who would like to review what is and isn’t appropriate for the forums, please check out our forum rules here and our moderation guidelines here. For any specific questions regarding the forum rules…my door/inbox :mailbox_with_no_mail: is always open. Thanks all :nerd_face: :v:

Thanks so much for this :smiley: It’s a big help :heart: