Episode Forum Contest- A Contest Where New Writers Can Get Feedback!


First disclamar: This is not an offical Episode Contest. This contest was made by members of the community just like you.

Hey guys! We have a Forum Contest where everyone can get feedback and winners will win promotion! Interested in joining? The theme is Making Fun of Cliches. The theme is making fun of cliches like for example but not limited to Episode Cliches like “Pregnant by”…“Bad boy stories”…“Werewolfs vs. Vampires.” ect. You can make fun of episode story cliches, movie cliches, anime cliches ect. Just have fun with it and be creative!

Here are the rules! :point_down:

  1. Must have three chapters done (story does not have to be finished)
  2. Story must fit the theme and must be written in the comedy genre! Stories that don’t will be disqualified and authors will be notified.
  3. Must fill out form to submit stories
  4. Do not change the first three episodes after deadline and before contest winners are announced without asking. If the reviewers have to reread the same chapter 5 times, it can be annoying and slow down the process. If you need to fix your story, please ask us. We will only say no if we are already in the process of reviewing your story, If we’ve already reviewed your story at the time you ask, we will let you know and you will be allow to update at that time. However, the update will not change your score.
  5. A story can have more than one author. Just credit every author when filling out form
  6. Stories can be new stories OR be stories that have already been previously published as long as the story fits the theme
  7. Questions are allowed and encouraged. However, do not us spam us about when we will be done judging stories. Please understand we are not being paid to do this and we still have lives outside of this. We will work as fast as possible
  8. The last day to submit stories will be July 28th

Ready to submit your story? Click the link here :point_down:

Want to help us make this a great contest? Post the graphic below on instagram and tag us at @forumcontest! :point_down: Please help us spread the news! Follow us on @forumcontest for updates and news!

If you want to know how your story will be reviewed, both the rubric and reviewer rules links are here. :point_down:

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FEATURE: supporting small authors discussion
Would you guys join a forum contest where you could get feedback!

LOL, I just thought of a good basis for a plot. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone who participates.


@J.Miley you should enter your H&V story in this! Talk about the ultimate making fun of cliche story. H&V Pregnant By My Twin’s Student’s Gang Leader Dad is a hilarious comedy that makes fun of all the major Episode cliches (and a few movies as well).


Thanks for tagging me. I will definitely check it out. I will compete the fourth Episode once Finals are over.


I am so glad you all want to join. We have worked hard to make the perfect contest.


Guys, you are amazing for doing this! (And my choice won, yay :smile: )

I have a H&V story, which would fit the theme, so I’m considering to enter. Shall I remove H&V from the title in this case?


You don’t have to remove the H&V from it.


i love stories that make fun of cliches, especially when they get wild and crazy.

and wow, you really put a lot of effort into the contest! forms, rubics, an insta acc…

i’m probably not gonna enter but i wanna keep up with and see how this contest goes.


Thank you! Please help us by spreading the news!


Oh I’m definitely entering in this contest.


I’m really glad to hear!


Hey guys. Someone submitted a story and wanted feedback but didn’t give their email. I seriously need your email if you want feedback. If you think this is you, let me know.


Please can someone explain to me what a cliche is? please


It’s a kind of overused story line. Like a commonly known plot for example highschool love stories, gang leader stories, or vampires. There’s many other examples however.


Thank you so much, I really had no idea what it meant. Thank you


Me too. Im entering this contest because this one is very unique and its my first


I’m glad to hear that :slight_smile:


Thank you.
Episode inspires me so much


Preventing the thread from getting closed. Also, I’m almost done with episode 2 of my entry :grin:


sees this

thinks of a great story line

sees the due date

awe man