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lol literally me


Oh boy, I totally forgot about this!
@K_Artist2001, can you maybe confirm if I entered or I just wanted to? :smiley: (Original story title: H&V: Challenge Accepted)

I’m asking this because I think I did, but I haven’t received any confirmation here or to my e-mail. I believe I edited the first chapters and I also removed the “H&V” from the title since then, and I’m really sorry if this caused you any trouble with reviewing…


Hi! I did get your entry! Once all the stories have been reviewed, all emails will be sent I promise!
Make sure to follow @forumcontest because I will post an announcement on there


As long as all the other information is the same, taking H&V out shouldn’t be a problem!


Thank you for the confirmation! Unfortunately I don’t have IG so I can’t follow you, but I will check it :slightly_smiling_face: