Episode forum elements too bright on dark mode?

Hi! I just turned on Dark Mode on Episode forums and immediately one thing stood up to me.

As you see in the picture below, I hovered over the topic and a white square appeared. I don’t see the title at all :frowning:

I’ve made a quick edit of a screen with darker hover and lines.

Does anybody else find it bothering? Ngl, when the square appears it hurts my eyes (I have an issue/illness connected to my eyesight).


I’ve never had that problem. :see_no_evil:
Everything has always been dark and easy on the eyes for me.

I hadn’t noticed it before but I just played around on here till I found something that resembled your screen.

I agree it’s definitely not ideal and isn’t convenient that you can barely read it but they probably will not fix it. I would recommend you get a dark mode browser extension instead of using this setting because it will probably be easier on the eyes.

Edit: I just checked it using dark reader and it isn’t ideal but it is definitely way easier on the eyes.