Episode Forum Website Link?


Guys, this is actually for the Episode Community but yeah you can read it…
Ummmmm… Episode In-charge-of-this-new-forum people, I want to ask you a question. When is this new forum’s link coming out? Like, I know that you can go onto the old forum and click on the link to access the new forum but it’s kinda annoying. And EVERY time I type of forums.episode.com, it comes up with the old forum. Can you make this like an official website on Google Chrome or Internet Explorer or whatever the Episoders use. So like as soon as you type up “Episode Forum”, you come up with the new one? Thank you, I would really appreciate that!


I know what you mean. I have to go on the old forums just to find this one!


Looks to be this one :arrow_up:


The above link @southampton23 shared is the current url for the site, however the url will change when the site comes out of beta. In the meantime feel free to bookmark this link! Closing thread :v:t2: