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Not really sure if this in the right category lol.
Anywho, this has been ticklicking my nerve for some time now.
What’s the point of the levels on here?
How come some people who have been on here longer than me and others.
Doesn’t have “Episode Community Memeber”
I mean this question is not really important but it’s been bugging me :joy:


I think it has to do with how many posts they’ve read and replied to.

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I think i’ve seen people say that it’s because they transferred their account from the old forums to the new forums.


That’s a lot of reading :joy::woman_facepalming:t4:
Thank you.

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tell me about it hahaha i just read my trust level and the next one that i need to get to next. Other than that im blind to the rest hehehe

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I mean i’ve been on here for a while… I should know this lol :woman_facepalming:t4:, reading is fundamental but I’m still confused :woman_facepalming:t4::joy:


hahaha well lucky you…I’m new i started Jan. Of this year so not that long

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you’re so well informed. I thought you was on here longer lol

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just a loser with no life lol joking but yeah i have a lot of free time now that i took a break from college


I can relate to this on some many levels lol.
Except, I left college and now is doing college online lol


im thinking of doing that BUT idk Administration of Justice major here and to me that seems like its way better to attend a class than to do it online

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It definitely is a better choice to go on campus. Being on campus - has its advantages plus you get more of a variety choice for majors.
Online is just really convenient for me right now.


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