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Im just gonna… Uh… Leave this here

I made a pic of @zara3 :wink::kissing_heart:


thankyou so much!! it really means a lot! i would say practise and try new things. you need to get out of your comfort zone or else you won’t imporve. for you i’d say try soft shading (if you want? im not pressuring u into anything dw)

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Thanks for the tip!! Everyone here deserves the love! :heart:

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@AnnSza I try :woozy_face: You are too though, like super sweet nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Gushlee aww :heart: And I love the cupid, it looks adorable :hugs:

@Bridi Love you too :grin: :blob_hearts:

@ArtisticWaffle Again, my socks are gone, my mind is blown and my eyes are blessed :heart_eyes: I could look at this all day and my amazement wouldn’t cease :crown:

@LanaAugustine Absolutely flawless :raised_hands:t2:

@Turtle_Cat Look how far you’ve come though! You’re one of the most talented artists here! And your edit request looks phenomenal… as always. :blob_turtle:

@Jayl Could you possibly be any more amazing!? They look stunning! :star_struck:

@Frey Then I’m 100% more impressed. INCREDIBLE! :mic_drop: (I tried to use Krita and failed miserably so I’m in awe how you made something so beautiful looking!)

@LiyahxWrites That hairstyle is just so cute :heart:

@ItsTerra All of them look great but the last is my favourite - I love the hair and the butterfly :blush:


:blob_hearts: :gift_heart:


Oh my god thank you so much!!:heart::heart:

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Idk why i just love doing this :sweat_smile:

This one belongs to @Izzie_Silver


:sob: :blob_hearts:
I’m literally crying here. It’s so good!

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Im gladd!!:heart:

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@PerplexedJam thankyouu sm

me and my wifey aka mel



Oh my god that’s beautiful!! And is very amaizing how you did it in short amount of time! The last time i saw it you only had your skin shaded! :sweat_smile:

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My newest pfp :smirk:


woahhh bitch thats amazing!! no other words to describe that


What the… BRO THAT’S BOMB!!!

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Im very impressed!!! How long did it take??

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Thank you so much :kissing_heart: I appreciate it


Of course! That’s amaizing!!:heart:

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Thank you for your kind words :kissing_heart: I don’t really keep a track, but maybe roughly 10 hours in slow pace or something :sweat_smile:

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That’s very impressive… I wont be able to do that not in 30 years even…

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Everyone here is so talented!!:heart::heart:

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