Episode friends


Hey guys, and gals. I’ve been using the episode platform for years now.
And I see a lot of people building strong friendships on here.
I’d like to partake in that.
Preferably someone close to my age because I feel like then we’d have a better chance of having similar interests.
With that being said I’m 24.
I really hope someone is willing to take me up on this.
Xoxo Courtnaylol


I am only 15 but hey my last episode bestie was 22 years of age.


Hi there! Well, I am not really 24 years old (15 actually :sweat_smile:) but I still think we could be friends. Feel free to roam around in the forums and join in a convo and have fun! Its really welcoming :grinning:


Of course. Being 24 wasn’t a requirement. :joy_cat:
I’m totally fine with anyone.
As long as no one gets rude. Ya know.
Episode instagrams?
Also @BadassSaasha love the name. :laughing::laughing:


LMAO. It’s supposed to match with my best friends name. His name is @Secretz_lol


So do y’all just read stories or do you write them too?
I’ve been looking for a new story to binge.


I am writing one.


Is any of it published yet?
I’d love to check it out.


I have one, currently :blush:


Ooh. what’s it called?


MICROCIDE: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5398267232387072


heloo there! welcome to the forums, you’re gonna have a wonderful time here! im soph, would love to be friends :yellow_heart:


Thank you soo much. :heart::heart:


howzz silver? is she troubling you? :eyes::joy:


I’m 22, let’s be the best of the best. :sunglasses:


whoop whoop


im afraid im the trouble one though! :joy: didn’t get to talk much these days, loaded with assignments bruh


and I am just procrastinating, as always


Definitely. Instagram?:blush::blush:


Just read the first episode.
I love that MC is a guy.
It’s so hard to find stories with male leads on here.
Also I’m a sucker for dad jokes, so definitely appreciate that.
I’m excited to continue. :hugs: