Episode Friends?!



Hi, Imthequeen1000 and I’m new to Episode, wanna be friends :grin:


Hey @Thequeen1000, welcome to the forums. You’re going to really love it here XD
PM me if you want to talk.


the people are definitely interesting


There’re a lot of really interesting people. I’m sure you’ll make heaps of friends and have a lot of fun here.


Hey @Thequeen1000, I’m @QueenMilii
I’m always here if you need a friend, or are just bored! You can PM me or DM me @QueenMilii_Episode
Happy foruming, and writing babes! :heart:



You will see me around in the Forums being an idiot so I will apologise in advance for that and welcome. Would love to be friends with you!


s h o o k

Both of y’all are queens. This was meant to be.


:joy: I cant even


awww Heyyyy


Heyy, are you writing a story or do you have any stories you like so far?

Btw RPing and General Chat are great places to get to know people!


:joy::joy::joy: I’ll try them and I’m currently working on my first story called Allergic to love: Mafia Edition :sweat_smile: coding is a pain in the ass


Coding will be the death of me and that sounds soo good!

That moment you read your story but your character is a layer off or facing the wrong way. No pls no why story why? :sob::sob::sob:


RIPPPP nooo what’s way worse is when you spell the main characters name wrong and you don’t realize it till your done coding the whole episode :sob::sob::sob:
I had to start again TWICE!!!


Omg I did this too many timesss!

It just slips off your mind and managed to make up a few characters who did not even exist :joy::joy:


Lol I once spelt the name Vivienne as Vivenne in my old non revamlp story and I was like that’s it let’s just play along.


It does give you perspective on the work put into these stories. Used to flip a table whilst waiting for an update but now I get it :joy::joy::joy:


So like the 2 scene in my story is in a club and I mistakenly named a main characters sister STRIPPER 2…

like kill me :sob:


Ooohhh noo :sob::sob::sob:

Thankfully it is fixable because even if the default name is a certain thing, you can change the onscreen name (Stripper no more)


I kinda wish you told me sooner. I deleted the whole scene and started re-coding


Ohhhh nooo! I am so sorry! When did you make the scene!?