Episode Frost OFFICIAL Art Thread! ❄️


Hey there! Episode Frost is a group of friends ready to make you art! We do Pfp, Backgrounds, Covers, Splashes and more! Welcome! :snowman_with_snow:


  1. Always BE RESPECTFUL, we try our best.
  2. Do not rush us, for we will decline your request.
  3. Please and thank you are ESSENTIAL to get your request done.
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More to come!!!

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More to come!

I hope you enjoy! :snowflake:️:snowman_with_snow:️:cloud_with_snow:

Is it possible for anyone to create a cover art for my story?
I need help making a cover for my story
Ik ive asked this like 930573489 times BUT
Art Needed For My Stories
Great Art Request Threads (New-Comers Look Here!) (Promote your Art Thread!)
Need A Cover! 👍

I go send my examples in a minute


Examples here


Beautiful thread! :heart_eyes:




Hi, I was wondering if there’s anybody who can create some cover art for me? I would very much appreciate it and of course credit will be given!
Info : Character - ( My main character Enchantress Thana - Only character I’d like on the cover if possible thx )

image.jpg282x557 35 KB

Episode Name: Currently I don’t want the name of the episode in the title, Just the statement " The Throne Is Mine " Above her
Cover Info: Enchantress is standing in the middle with fire surrounding her- With the statement I made above her ( The Throne Is Mine ) and " By, SugarWolf" Under her /at the bottom. The only preference for how it looks would be for it to be vertical instead of horizontal.
Thankyou so much and again credit will be given for your hard work spent on helping me with this process!
Btw ~~~~ If I didn’t mention any info that you might need , Just make it up I honestly don’t care I’m just blessed that someone would even help me with this, again, Thank you sooosososo much!!!<3

Itz_Madison’s Backgrounds

Thx for reposting it hear I can have it done sometime tomorrow if I didn’t tell u before


Thanks so much for doing this for me! And take your time, don’t worry about a time limit or deadline (on your part just don’t feel obligated to do this), anyhoo, Thanks Again!


No problem! Happy to help! :blush:



Also To see more of my examples CLICK HERE!!!





skin: Honey
Face: Oval
Eyes: Upturned Bold (blue)
Hair: Straight Green
Nose: Soft natural
Mouth: Classic Ruby Red
Eyebrows_: Defined Natural

background: Jail cell.
Outfit: Jail clothes lol

Could you make it so shes leaning against the bars but her head is turned?


I will got someone on it immediately!


aww thank you love <3 xxx


Hey you put up my examples but never tagged me add a member?


Oh! I’m sorry. I did it off the list @Kalizzza gave me and she must have forgotten you by mistake!


Oh ok


Sorry ur name wasn’t their when I went to tag everyone