Hey there! Looking for some art for your stories? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Our group is called Episode Girls and we are an art group. We are drama free and do not want to cause controversy, we are just here to help you create the art you’ve always envisioned!
Our members are:

We only have a few members because our group is new and we are not looking for new recruits as of yet but we will be in the future!

Here is a link to some of our examples!

However, there are a few rules!
. Please credit us using our forum username!
. Do not steal out art!
. Do not ask us to hurry up! Usually we will have your requests done in 10-20 minutes if we’re not busy!
. If you are requesting something that includes character(s) PLEASE send us CLEAR images of your characters in the animation AND outfit you want them to be in.
. If you want anything extra to add on your art, then please make it clear. (Eg tell me if you want your character to have a tattoo and if u do, please attach an image of what specific tattoo you want on the character.)

And one important message…

WE DON’T TAKE REQUESTS WITH CHARACTER DETAILS. Please just send us clear images or we’ll have to ask you to resend your request with images. This is just so that we can get through as many requests as possible, and get yours back to you quickly to the best of our ability!

Thank you and feel free to request!


I’m not requesting but your examples are just code. There’s no image.


Yep I know we are trying to fix it but it keeps saying error

Our examples won’t work so I will post them here

It’s fixed now

Which of it is yours?

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You know what, forget it im gonna be nice today

None of it is yours. Don’t throw around empty accusations and I won’t have a problem with you


lmfao ily

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