Episode glitch erasing all my progress 🙄



there’s a glitch that me and some others have been experiencing that’s keeping us from reading stories. everytime o go in to read on episode story it shows my progress then starts me over from episode one and when i get back to where i was in the story if i leave the app for more than 5 minutes it’s erases that progress and does the same thing again!


Hello @aminadowns, this is Sydney the Moderator. :slight_smile: I’d suggest submitting a help ticket to the support team, they’d be happy to help with this issue. :grin:


i did! they just told me to come here. they were no help at all, i’m about to just delete the app🙄.


That’s depressing yes, when Support says to look for help elsewhere. I now that from the first hand. :weary:


omg the same thing is happening to me did u get it fixed?


OMG NOOO I don’t want to quit episode! I have to finish my stories what the hell why :frowning: