Episode-Gold Art Request Thread


For those of you who don’t know, Episode-Gold is an art group. We are a group that love to help out the community! We do every thing that we can to help everyone, so we decided to create this group to have fun and help out the community! In order for your request to be accepted, we ask of you to follow some rules:


  Here is a list of what we do!
  • Splashes
  • Covers
  • Character Edits
  • Outfit Edits
  • Background Edits
  • Art Scenes

*NOTE:_ Due to the fact that we are a new account, we might encounter the 24 hour user lock down. In case that happens you can answer replies from @gisellec and @Teahwalker. Also we are not able to add our examples so once we are in the clear, we will make an official thread!
*Thank you,


Hi everyone! I need someone who make my first story's cover picture! :)

I have a question?


What is your question?


What if I don’t have an IG that can be used for this? I have a business IG account for my modeling company and they said do not make another one


Are you talking about filling out a forum? If so you could use your forums username.


Hello @Episode-Gold, this is Sydney the Moderator, and welcome to the Episode Forum! Take a look at our Forum Tutorial for some advice on where to correctly create topics. As this topic is promoting your art group, I have moved it to Creator’s Corner Art Resources. :wink:

Thanks and have a good day! :sunglasses:


Thank you, and you too!


Hi! I would like a cover, I don’t really mind the person as my story has to option to change the female, and I have no idea what I want :stuck_out_tongue: I would like a vampire theme and if you can the main character to have vampire teeth. Its in ink and I don’t mind what you do as there isn’t a right or wrong for me thanks x


What text would you like?


Death Diaries thanks x


And I don’t mind the style of it


Yes we are, I just haven’t came to make the thread yet, give me an hour so I can complete her request, but I will make the thread and post it today!


@raining Your Request Has Been Completed!

Your Request

Would you like me to change anything?

Please Credit Us In Your Story @goldepisode or @Episode-Gold!


HEY EVERYONE! I’m Giselle, one of the four presidents of this amazing art group. I would just like to say that if you ever need examples of what I do, you can certainly head over to my art thread. Also, if you would like to request from me peresonally, that’s where you should go!! BUT , this certainly does not mean that I will not be completing requests on this thread, because I will be.

~ Giselle :unicorn:


If any of you are interested in joining our group please go here!


Hi! I’m part of Episode Gold, and the link below is a slideshow of our members examples


those are all lovely! i particularly liked jasirella’s.


Hey, I would like to request an Art scene


Ok so I saw your topic, wich special art theme would you like?

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