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This is a fan episode site for Grey’s Anatomy.
We can discuss all things Grey’s Anatomy from characters to plots to relationships to current events.
BEWARE : This thread WILL contain spoilers and it is best to beware the thread unless you’re caught up or don’t care if you are spoiled on current events.

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Saddest to see leave (outside of death) :
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Mine would be
Name : Paul
Fave Character : Meredith Grey
Fave Relationship : currently it is Jolex (Jo Wilson & Alex Karev)
Saddest Death : Lexie Grey & Derek Shephard
Saddest To Leave : Izzie Stevens & Cristina Yang
Fave Season : Season 2
How Far Am I? : Caught up
3 Things I Love About The Show : The story, the characters and the romances!


Oh my god!! Yes!!! I love Grey’s Anatomy


Yay! Can u please fill up the sign up questions?
It would help me & the group to get to know you better


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: