Episode group application!


I want to create a group that will last and pushes everyone in it to their full potential. Instead of writing one big story or only working on art everyone in the group will have their own story (one they came up with) and help each other with art. The group will be here for all to talk to each other about their stories and get ideas inspiration and all of the help needed for their stories and art. If anyone is interested in joining just say something. The reason I posted this in both the find a writing partner area and here is because we also need artists and most everyone here also writes.

The roles in this group are simple

Artist(s): anyone who makes covers splashes etc.
Directors: people who are comfortable with coding and could help others
Social Media: The person in charge of the group social media accounts
Vice President(s): Someone who helps me to keep everything under control
Normal Writers: Everyone will be a normal writer they are the people who create their own stories and share and chat as everyone here will be here to learn and grow


Everyone will be accepted!!!




I may just delete my thread about quitting art and join


Is this “writing story” thing a story story or episode story?


qq I have this idea but I suck at coding so if I were to join the group especially for art would I be able to get the major help I need?


It’s a bunch of episode stories it’s basically a group for people to get all of the needed help and feedback for stories