Episode guidelines help

So I’m confused on the whole guidelines thing, I’m new to episode and I want to be sure I’m not including anything that isn’t allowed but I don’t completely understand the guidelines. So it says that you shouldn’t use profanity without bleeps or a “*”, but I see many other authors using profanity without that? as well as murder scenes and mental illness. would it be better if I had a choice to see what’s in theses scenes?? please help!

If an author didn’t censor a profanity then when Episode reviews the story they’ll ask to do so - there are some words that are allowed tho, like hell or crap

You will need to put a warning at the beginning of the story for the contents, and not show too much of them. You can’t promote violence or anything like that, so you can still show them but you need to be careful about how much to show

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Thank you!

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It’s from the guidelines:
These are some of the mild profanities that may appear uncensored:

  • Bastard
  • Crap
  • Damn
  • Douche
  • Hell
  • Skank

If you write about sensitive, serious and triggering topics, it’s better to put a trigger warning at the beginning of the chapter or before the scene appears. :slight_smile:

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