Episode Guys & Cliches

So like what type of guys do y’all go for in episode stories???
I realized that most episode stories about bad boys, but I always go for like the nice dudes instead

But I’ll admit I do go for the bad boys once in a while.

This also leads me to another question about why episode stories are so cliche (some of them). They’re usually like poor girl meets rich bad boy
(They remind me of Wattpad stories) I’m not hating but I’m just wondering don’t some people get tired of reading the same type of story?? Don’t get me wrong even though they can be cliche they’re also well written that it’s good to play


I’ll take nice guys who don’t treat me like a shit, I’d prefer them with long hair if possible :smirk:

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I think any title with “Bad boy…” etc… just tends to get a lot of attention- like- people can notice it more. I just don’t like how girls in those stories can’t stand up for themselves. I’d like to see a story where the MC finds the bad boy just annoying.

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I try to avoid romance in Episode stories unless a character is really well-developed and has a believable relationship with the main character. So I guess I don’t really have a type? I could give specific examples of romances I’ve gone for, but can’t really describe it by archetype or specific traits.
I will avoid romance with a blatant cliche like the plague, though

I absolutely love good guys with my entire heart & soul but sadly authors almost never develop them & give them screen time as much as they give bad boys. I think that’s why most episode readers go for the bad boys btw, the good ones never get enough time with the MC and are not in the center of the story most of the time


There are way too many cliche bad boys. I think more authors should have nice guy main characters. I don’t mind the occasional “bad boy” as long as they are not the cliche ones (from gangs, criminals etc.). Maybe a reformed bad boy or a guy who is misunderstood and appears to be a bad boy, but really is someone who is trying to become a better person, but yes there is WAY too much emphasis on bad boys.


Probably minority but i prefer guys with an “edge”
introvert Quiet…blunt(but not an ass)thoughtful and snarky/sarcasm(but not in a degrading or hurtful way)(like a “kuudere tsundere” mix/ “jerk” with a gold heart).
i dont care for the cliche nice guy in stories. Idk they always do them so the nice guys just nice…thts all there is to them most ppl would like their lover to be nice to them.
So far ive only seen bad boys “meek” girls and ppl trying to make generic nice guy the best option(but they dont give them depth) if i talk about this trope thtd be a whole nother paragraph.

The most annoying cliche I see everywhere is when it’s the bad boy and good girl and they always fall for each other. Boring. I like genuine nice guys! Nice guys who have bold pasts. Pasts don’t always have to be dark either, that’s another cliche.

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