Episode hair for ink

so as you can see i have put the hair into sets. it is for a story i am kinda working on (not to be published any time soon) and i wanna change the hair in the story while still having cc. what is your opinion on them? should mix some of them around

hardest ones to make was 6 and 7 row

also pool which set would you choice

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  • 2
  • 3
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  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

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I’m confused, why are they in sections like Wet,etc?

I think she means, here is a hairstyle that makes the character look like she has wet hair.

wet hair. from rain or swiming

I’m sorry, don’t know how to help.

If that’s the case, the Natural Curls should be for wet too. Because my hair gets like that when wet. Same with the Cornrows and Long Braids. I get those when I go swimming so when it gets when, it won’t ruin my hair much.

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Omg same!

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Honestly, most of the braided hairstyles should be for wet. And all the other ones too. They can work for any occasion.

yeah but i wanna use as many diffrent onces as i can.

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Ah I see.

Dot dot dot…

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