Episode Hair Question!

I have read stories where characters have this hair:


Is this only for some kind of good writers or …?


What story is this? If it’s an Episode made story, then the hair is most likely a “premium” asset meaning the hair is made for ONLY those stories and not ones made from the community o:


Those games are “Little more me” and “Rule Breaker(or something)”

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Since those are stories featured by Episode, it’s a premium asset!



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The “good writers” comment really made me laugh. There are so many community writers who are better than most of the writers of featured stories… and the good featured story writers get held back and watered down by Episode.

But when you have a story featured, you get certain perks – like having access to new hair, features and clothing before the community. It’s one of the many ways that Episode keeps people reading their featured stories.

If you ask me, it’s worrying that Episode needs to do that to keep people reading. If you have to disadvantage your community writers to keep people reading the featured stories, you have a problem. If hairstyles are the things keeping people reading, the story itself clearly doesn’t have much to offer.