Episode Harmony Application!


Hello, there! I am the second president of Episode Harmony (AKA formerly known as the Thic Sisterhood) We decided we need a fresh start and here we are! Announcing our new name, we also realized we need more members! Ever wanted an art group but never could find the right one? Well, you came to the right place! Fill out this form and we will PM you the results! If you have questions please contact me or @Epy.raven through PM for more information.

The form!

The Thic Sister hood Offical request thread

Girl you forgot to tell them were weird and crazy before we scare them away


Omg Lmao No were not. Were fun people :wink: Also if you get discord, you’ll get to play music in the server. :smile:


Lol and we might have karoke night


Also movie night if they agree who’s bringing food




y’all we should actually do movie night…


Lol, maybe


Like we can all video chat, and find a movie on youtube or something



Karaoke night every Frid




May I ask where you got the name episode harmony from


I would ask @Epy.raven because I don’t really know she came up with it


Because if you look on episode - dreams profile
you will see episode harmony


hold on let me check


Omg, well Idk why it’s there


have you seen it ?


Can’t wait for that, that will be epic lmfao :joy:


Yeah, that was my first time seeing it tho…


Yeah, episode dreams always had that there :thinking: