Episode Harmony: Lessons

Hello hello hello! Welcome to our lessons! We’d like to help you so you can get better at art!
I’m sure you know the rules already but let me restate the most important one

  1. Under no circumstances, cause drama. You will be receiving PMS (multiple if ignored) and getting flagged.

Now on to the lesson!
I will be using this outline.


Here it is!
I already colored the base of the outline

Select a slightly darker skin color

Select airbrush normal.

Go to the selection layer and select the face, using bucket.

Color around the face like so

Do the same with the neck.

And here is the final results! (Only did the skin)

Show us what yours look like we’d love to see! Now we need a favor. Should we start doing more lessons?

  • Do more lessons
  • Don’t do more lessons

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Want or need some art? Come on to our request thread to request! Do you liking role playing? Go over to our Murder List roleplay and sign up to play!
See you next time!


This is super helpful! #learnedsomethingnew!

Glad we helped! :smile:

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I be doing the next lesson tomorrow