Episode Harmony Offical Request Thread

:sparkling_heart: Hey Fam! Welcome to Episode Harmony’s Official Request Thread! :sparkling_heart:

You might be wondering, ‘Who is this Episode Harmony?’

Well, Episode Harmony is a family and team . We adore making art and helping the community so we created this thread to combine our passions. Episode Harmony is now a peaceful group where you can feel safe and cozy. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been caught up in all this drama with other groups, clients, even between the members! But, now we’re back with a calmer atmosphere and we’re ready to bring help into the community.

Without further ado, let’s continue with our art and examples!


Covers examples

7cfde796c6fc4f3c40fd727d7673e635572b0238_1_362x499 55a28730006aae0ad25c1abb15b619c0ee70ca41_1_362x499 ac91e121b480edbf986f0660c914c4dbf70a7493_1_281x500 f1f45f308c36fd5d26e95cf6367f0f81f0286921_1_362x499

Covers_W2_posterThumb_TfCME1RFCQ edf3199ec0fbb751c9240ca915b19cd51a843d32_1_362x499 Episode%20edit%202 49F7A057-BE08-4C7E-BE42-8F661D34561D 136a2c0fc5d60e216690470cc79651aa8dbbfa77_1_690x458 e4b9ca1c301163b8a3013336450f59f2d52f935b_1_362x499 H__V_Lovestruck_Thieves_posterThumb_FMLurxROhY 7cf170e5d57be0400e296d61f315bec71b149141_1_690x458 da3137f9bcbc3ad5b172e29abea6e80964ae632c_1_281x500 Resistance_x2_posterThumb_vNNaZe1wUk

Splash examples

9f2fc9bdb14d9bba3798b779d4c968dcd5033656_1_690x387 a085e8fc1b8d4767bb535d0435e90130d9a9eb34_1_285x500 cbdbe512c32bd984777939f5f11baa9e910f132f_1_281x500 fa572eeafce1c22dbedc58e40188963e56fad131_1_337x500 f8968dd3b369431983e2ad6a58cae7a985b2a70d_1_281x500 1e4ba180b432880db3e534cf46d008e73c2579a7_1_281x500 df5923f094939586a37172f14fe2b68e818e33fd_1_281x500 789A78C4-770B-41BC-A92E-6389F6C5C3B4 6a0b0f04c440d26af324ca94e6131b4090ca168e_1_281x500 5ca226ee1537ef1eb831121c542d144f305a9517_1_281x500 5d5122da3b5dc226149b93b7663b800016089f85_1_281x500 4d37dbb8e5af3fd0ad8f486f13e8957990a10ff1_1_383x500 5d34085ab1acb45b8abc730fb3d6ad14cee3abc4_1_375x500 9a11b0e3d045bfdad161f16c78899adc14d0a26c_1_548x500 86554594c4f7e03df01f0c3aef82ec63e38b13e4_1_281x500 473deeb9acb5044d924f570ac723ee48874c208b_1_281x500 555ce01ea7320fa9d19a0b0b461265a5c9bbcf14_1_281x500

Background examples

1bb2c3fdbb2e6187ca30dab8b8214d833f3fc933_1_625x500 9dd2ca87132e55b7bce322225319af5e5e141f94_1_281x500 5d49f3d171cfc23ddbe02ff2b800349385927172_1_633x500 292f30b5ca7291ed6ea29784abb830cc2ef737ed_1_690x408 985b5932bbbe71ce454bb0c3bcdcc17e93171fa4_1_690x408 f6f9ae64dbb139f88c40b55e38d8f4561813455b_1_281x500 16554dd2318e7fb51c51c77e94372bec6aea411e_1_690x387 de30cb220aef32e9b7b1d0c00079c9821eb40177_1_690x371

Overlays examples

pv1_back_PSP_5681097123823616_c3587d79ad95e10cc3b47b307b7543ee 2a7a730fbb451128aaa998483ea1716f115ad3f8_1_281x500 4dab23ed1bf8e2ca26b0a5c3f080aef219ad2f1f_1_281x500

[/(upload://fJi6JOd22q3XHoI76buBLe55xhI.jpeg) 48f4fdc55fc44dc51321d6aea858eef4f285057b_1_500x500 e79cfa7f0e5c009e0f166757d93829b9a9aa2390_1_281x500 24400A12-D7ED-4B64-8619-5FF03914B2BF 07f8848dda5285cdd8bc8f53ec26b1a2eaea5795_1_469x500 85c4d1610af275beebbf32a7c3767dce4d63e1f8_1_514x500 47c489eab9c9e4dfec61e7e3a1e67253903bf625_1_578x500 4f7cf750e4891996d6d1d48c73f0eda747fbed22_1_690x382 cd2aac3815a1726c90c202ff90560604363d883e_1_587x500 2b4419d7017dcc21f2d6706ec1aa747f2616654d_1_686x500 2a37b04de91efd2bee7b925bd5e65c299d19ed9c_1_583x500

Watermark examples

40a0f720d64d000b088470c027c0e931e74b7b0c_1_281x500 7a36c09823d6e9d7e851c510f3c85c0a

More to come

Banners examples

d8e6395b1ddca8f1cdfc4b92a67ae5572074919f_1_690x376 3a3482e7bfcb6b7786cebf9ae76fbbd6d68798b2_1_689x372 ba3d9a1afe5fbe7077b97677bb7f20b55dbe2d6a_1_690x374 2c8aa9927051ef4ac66df85ec3c7a12fe092d446_1_690x371 cc2ea80bca77e623ca1ffa04a5b80244d8c75585_1_690x374 ab08d030f0c2e907e9c4f179d873934787c40336_1_690x375 48cb216783e53074de314d36676001728d5240b2_1_690x230 80D8864B-1482-4E75-9324-5DEB0745461E 7973968A-8E6E-47A9-90A3-9707B868D8A1 010556d07a6cae47322d2e46be2a3e231206ddc2_1_690x230 f1317197b275656e78b10897b8aed478a5723171_1_690x230

Other examples

1532534432604 a1ac376769405b8c4b4089be26765d356e464155_1_515x499 aa2c97d2940a18ef113e8f5b8d88dcebf72c53cc_1_375x500 9a18e02d8f7ec89559826bbbc05ba257b8b63b4d_1_690x333

Word text overlay

43861836fa736f0e15f33b5228da681b 963eb0a71a4373c3f817428c86768203 983601ec65f4a4a0b148c34cf5ed7b35 0ae5746338e96d487ce3cf1e4a56f63d

4eaeec1dfebf81016582a0a3fa735c25 6bf5fb14a666bb24b1104ce6dbc39036 f831150580d325109690cf21d758d648 fb4b13e8084c9f8c77e10b846a5acb34 9bd763e41377d6827586a3c627f0ba49 c00d803241b7cff4d482db46a16f2b67 0b92aba90d35810dc04ecb8840a36f4c 612b115f065f513d0bcdaf2f9a67b8af aeb0f8d880e1e00d8665cca6f71c1959 9ad40d063e24dd7cd3efcdaad6c791db


Please read the rules and follow them! We will let you know if you’ve broken a rule but please do not continuously do it!

  1. You must credit the team/artist who did your art! We put in a lot of work into the art! :sparkling_heart:

  2. Please don’t request the exact same request in other threads! You can go ahead and request if you are not happy with the result but do not request while we are still doing your art! :sparkling_heart:

  3. If you have any problems, issues and questions about our team, please PM us rather than cluttering the topic! We do not want to cause any further drama! PM the team account or our presidents: @Kalizzza @Epy.raven @L.I.W.F @Rac5hel @HopeFrvr @Killerfrost ![:sparkling_heart:]

  4. Don’t rush us! We have lives outside the forums so please be respectable of the time it takes to finish your request! ![:sparkling_heart:]

  5. Do not steal any of the work we produce. This is not just a rule for us but for every artist out there! Be respectful! ![:sparkling_heart:]

  6. Don’t advertise your group/personal thread on here! This thread is for Episode Harmony, keep to the topic !

  7. Don’t start any fights. We had many fights with other groups other people etc in the past and wouldn’t want a repeat. Starting drama means your request will be canceled and you will not ever be able to request until the team decides to forgive you.
    Now, go ahead and request🤣

With love~
The Episode Harmony Team


Waiting list

@southampton23 - @Rac5hel - can you pm her the details please

@EmilyJ- @Rac5hel


Can someone put this up

80D8864B-1482-4E75-9324-5DEB0745461E 7973968A-8E6E-47A9-90A3-9707B868D8A1 16554dd2318e7fb51c51c77e94372bec6aea411e_1_690x387

Who am i pm-ing?

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I pmed @mashia my examples 2 days ago

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Nvm found them

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This or this:

basically ribbon or no ribbon?


Ooooh love the last one

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Why have you changed my artist again?

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If mystermaker cant I will let her do it Im pming mystermaker right now on insta

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ok. I’m not trying to rush her. I just wanted an update to see how it was going :slight_smile:

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Can I request an art scene?


Sure! Leave the details!!

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Can I request a simple splash/art scene? It’s great to see your new thread! :heart:


It’s what we do! Just leave the details! (Thank you for your support :sparkling_heart:)

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Thank you! :heart:

Art Scene:

Could it be of a boy crying and could it be in EXT. JUVIE PHILLY LIBRARY - NIGHT

Boy’s detail is:
Skin Tone: Caramel
Eyebrows: Thin Arch
Hair: Modern Pompadour (Blond)
Eyes: Round Piercing (Green)
Face: Defined 'Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven (Taupe)

His outfit is:

THANK YOU! :heart:

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I’ll defails once I get on my laptop. :joy::joy: sorry my phone died

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So it’s charging now

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Thank you! We will give you the request soon!

@Sayanjali_Rizvi that’s fine take as much time to get them!