Episode Harmony Offical Request Thread


It looks wonderful!


Thank you! :smiley:


You’re welcome.



Here it is! If you want anything changed I can change it



I’m really sorry if I’m chasing, but how’s the background going? :joy::grin::heart:


Wowowowowowowowooowow aaamanamamdjsjdj

Maybe you can do @Skyye request


Sorry I don’t think I could draw in that style, and I’ll be busy since I’m actually starting high school. Maybe someone else is willing to do it :frowning:?


@Jessica.C make sure to credit her and Episode harmony and great job @Sanityyy that’s really amazing



And high school


I feel bad for yaa


Hey, could I request a background of inside of a casket?

I need it for a scene in my story.

It has to be like someone is looking down on it, like a bird’s eye view, one zone.


thank you, I love it


All requests are CLOSED! We’re overloaded! Until we’re done and can deliver your requests @Sydney_H or @Jeremy can you close this and open it back up when we’re ready?



Topic closed until further notice by OP request. :wink: