Episode Harmony Official Request Shop (Open)(Updating)

Um boo I’m not the only one that complete them people help me so you can stop now cause allot of people help plus the people on the waiting list was from my personal request cause I had people pm me for art and put them in the waiting list

I’ve created a msg where you talk about this for a reason… please be the bigger person and leave…


Bye !
But lave our thread laone you got it closed

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Who else has done a single request in the past week like wtf I was having a convo with someone and they were saying how none of the members are active and don’t do any requests. Your group is like a ghost town :joy: maybe it’s to do with the drama?

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PLease no one tag me anymore because I am no longer a part of this I didnt come here for drama I came here for art











And some people on Instagram


And drama does not meet my perosnal friendly values


You are like a gem :gem:

Don’t get dragged into this, you’re better than this. Just let us handle it :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Also, what did we “started”?

There was beef, you tried taking our requests when we were already working on 'em, don’t even lie.

How did we ever express these mad and jealous feelings? Nobody cares who has little or more requests on group threads, there is no best if someone has less or more.

If you keep saying stuff to my group, that’s because you know you’ve done stuff to them before, and it’s why you’re not listening to your other group members, you keep fighting back. Just be the bigger person and leave us alone. We’ll do the same if you do.

My work here is done, ciao.


leave u didn’t do anything
It obvious you don’t like us or want anything to do with us.
Stop they are not jelly.


You guys started it with the whole spying thing there were no drama but then the spying

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Firstly I am not targeting anyone specific this is just my opinion on what I have experienced on the forums.

Can yall just go back through this conversation and see how childish everyone is acting BRUH!
I decided to join this art group to help people out but I was not expecting all this drama!
I’m new to forums and I am really disappointed that this is how the community is acting.
I haven’t been online for a few hours but looking through the conversation I can see that everyone need to grow up and solve the problem maturely at the end of the day were suppose to be helping the community
whether we have a large or small amount of costumers but arguing ain’t gonna solve no ones crap and personally if I was a customer from a lot of threads online I would generally be put off from requesting just because because how groups are treating each other.
Can everyone just sort their beef out other wise the ain’t gonna be anyone requesting from any groups.
Again just my personal opinion


Look all we are asking is that you leave us alone and stop flagging our comments on OUR threads. Please I’m really virtually on my knees here :joy:

It’s not fair, you’ve already gotten one of our threads closed for drama. So why can’t you leave us be now??

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I am also disappointed I mean I am here to learn art not this watchamacallit Drama and thsi is totes uselesss and like I sai dthis does not meet my family values


You guys have already won the battle

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I agree with your personal judgement.

I guess groups always lie when they say no drama, they really have to work for the no drama.


I’m not the one who started
The screenshots stated it :roll_eyes:
I’ll try get everyone to leave you alone
Can someone close this thread


Topic closed due to multiple violations of Forum General Rules. If there is an issue regarding members of an art group, please work it out in PM. Thanks. :smiley: