Episode Harmony Official Request Thread [CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE]


Welcome to Episode harmony were there is peace.

Y’all might be wondering what is Episode harmony ::


We are a source of professional art made by yours truly in no time! We love getting new members as it is a source of joyfulness and gaiety. Our name says it all! We, Episode Harmony are here to help you get more popular in Episode.

As you were probably told in your childhood, it was that it is to never judge a book by it’s cover. And to be honest, I’ve done that many times! How many times have you just barged into a library and forage for a book with lots of colors? Oh, I did that plenty of times! Or once you scrolled down on the Episode app to find a true one-of-a-kind cover to read a story from? That definitely did happen and don’t even deny it, you did that too.

As much as the story plotting and all that matters, creating an art that is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing also matters too. Episode Harmony is all about teamwork, fun and more fun and texts that you practically have to run to read! It’s that exciting!

We all have the same goals and dreams when it comes to Episode Forums: to help the community and the environment and make Episode an entertainment area for all who are new to art.

Words and sentences aren’t the only ones who captures hearts… When it comes to Episode Harmony, art does as well. We express our feelings into our art, we make the reader perceive of the emotions swelling deep in the abyss.

“Written by @Episode.BriarRose

Now that you know who we are let’s step to the fun part ART!!!


jhIMG_1846Once_in_a_Lifetime_QX_posterThumb_hHcCCtrkzeUploading… Uploading… Uploading…



Art scene








More to come

Now that you saw our examples its now on to the serious stuff

How to requests
here are the template to request

Splash click me
What kind of splash to you want?

What is the background you want it on?

When do you need it?

Cover click me
What is the story title

What is the author name

Do you want character in it if so send the deatils of the characters and the pose (if you send the character in screen shot with the pose you will get it faster.

What background do you want

When do you need it

Art scene click me
What kind of art scene do you want

What are the characters deatils and the pose you want them in

What background do you want

When do you need it

Banner click me
What size is the banner you want

Now to the rules


1.Do not be mean
2. Do not cause drama
3.Be paintence
4.Credit us
5.If you aren’t gonna use it do not request
6. Don’t steal our artwork

If you want a special artist you can choose from

@L.I.W.F @Epy.raven @wildstyle103 @Mashia and if you know another artist request that one.

Waiting list

  1. @Elena1creates - large and small cover - should be done in 1-4 days

  2. @Izzy_Jxx - small and large cover - should be done 1-4 days

  3. @southampton23 - art scene - should be done 1-3 days

  4. @Gaminggirl91011 - large and small cover - need the screen shot of the character in the pose and need title and author name - should be done 2-4 days

@bernardomrc - small and large cover - need more. Details

  1. @RyRydoezepisode - profile picture - should be done 1-2 days

  2. @HopeFrvr - splash - should be done 1-2 days

Password: Harmony

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This is not done


Is this the new @epy.sister.hood?

Can i get a splash
Can i get a splash

Good luck with this group and ps you put examples of the same thing more than 1nce


Yes it is


Forgot to put this up


Hi again, thanx for informing me and I love the ex
I want I drawn cover here’s my details :
My characters

the pose
the background

and the title is
And please I want it tomorrow!
Tysm tysm you’re a life saver and I would love @epy.raven to do it cause I love her arts
Thanx again


@bella_ugolini request completed by @Koolgal77

Click meee

please credit Episode harmony and @Koolgal77


Ok thank yo`u should be ready today or tommorow

@EPISODEWRITERSTARTER how’s @southampton23 request


Do you guys do pfps




Yes we do


What are the details


Profile Picture
This will be used for episode forums, youtube and instagram.
If so, can you show some examples.
Can it say Episode Cam but like this… in fancy writing

Thank you.
I got linked here by @Epy.Raven


Sure examples are up


Thank You!


Thank you we get someone on it




Did you like the topic


@Izzy_Jxx and @Episode.Cameronwrite you have to like the topic to request