Episode Harmony Official Request Thread [CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE]

Yes ma’am!

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Is this what u need ?

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Yes thank you and I need them arm crpssed

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I can do a request if u want! U can request it on my thread so it’s clearer for me!

Here’s the link

Here u go

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When your done pm me it

What was ur request?

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Thanks, I should be done in about a minute.

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A cover

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Has it been done yet? If not I can do it for u

Thnx but someone is doing it for me thnx though


Can some one check to see if this background are the right size if not can you resize it to 640× 1136

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Can you check the backgrounds please

Idk how

@Frankiestien request completed by the amamazing @TriggerWarning



My fiancée send the background

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