Episode Harmony Official Request Thread! (Closed until we catch up)

The main thing is the beds, yeah. I don’t mind if it’s a different flooring, and I’d like at least a little window in it. Thanks again!



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@Moistkellin your request is finished! ( have also changed the sizes already to fit the 2 panels.
If you have any inquiries, feel free to ask me!
if not, please remember to credit Episode Harmony!
Day version:

Night version:

Have a good day! :heart:
(On my computer, there seems to be a problem with displaying it. Does it for you?)


This looks great, thanks! And it displays fine on my computer.


No problem! (And the glitch was because youtube was going down) i can see it now as well!

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Hi! May I request a splash? If not, that is okay! :slight_smile: I’ll send details if yes.

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do you make overlays?

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Yes we do!

Go right ahead!

do you guys make art covers ? and if so can i request one ?

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We do!

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Do you have the time to help me with an art scene? :pray:

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okay :slight_smile: i need a cover page with two characters in front and a title at the top and my name at the bottom ! here are the character outfit and details:

Name: Zaierra (GIRL)

Body: Rosewood

Brow: Seductive Arch

Hair: Straight/ BLACK

Eyes: Upturned Feline/ HICKORY

Face: Oval

Nose: Elven

Lips: Full Round/ DUSTY ROSE

Name: Alex (GUY)

Body: Toffee

Brow: Thick Arch

Hair: Modern Pompadour/ BLACK

Eyes: Stoic Almond/ BLUE

Face: Defined Triangle

Nose: Button

Lips: Classic/ TOFFEE

(the guys outfit is tuxedo pants and shoes with the cade tattoo xD)

And the title is “A Teacher’s Love” and at the bottom you can put “By: Zariah C.”

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Thank you for requesting!
(The second pic isn’t showing)

i know i fixed it and can you make the girl Zaierra doing the flirt_wink animation ? and the guy doing the flirt_shy

Ok, sure!

Thank you so much!

From the Art Catalog or if you have any background there will fit in.

character details:
The girl:
Skintone: Umber
Brows: Thick Flat
Hair: black, Fishtail Braid
Eyes: brown, Round Bold
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Dark, Classic
If she should wear this.

The boy:
Skintone: Honey
Brows:Bushy wide
Hair: Black, Boy Bun
Eyes: purple, Classic Round
Face; Chiseled Square
Nose: Button
Lips: Mocha, Small Round
If he couls wear this


I would like if the poses could be something like this, but where the girl is asleep and could look sad and the bot is just looking sad :pray:

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Hell I would like to request an art scene

Sorry meant hello