Episode Harmony Official Request Thread! (Closed until we catch up)


Here you go!


Sorry, I fixed em @Amealia
Make sure to credit Episode Harmony!


Im SO SO sorry i just found a different way of doing the what i was going to. I was planing on using these as interactive buttons but decided to just draw a solid black color of the characters (rough one not at all perfect sort of scribbles to be honest) instead that way I can have the characters walk out then put the drawn overlay above them make it transparent (opacity 0) then use that as the button instead. I am so so sorry! When I need something next I’ll come to you guys.


It’s fine! We’ll always be here :wink:




Ur welcome hun


Could I get some help with a couple simple overlays?


So I need three different overlays done but they are fairly quick simple ones. I need these three outfit pictures

put inside of this thought cloud
Each one would be done alone as each outfit is a different overlay. In total I would need three different overlays. I would like the inside of the thought cloud to be white and because of this the characters do not need to be cut out as they just need to be put inside of the thought bubble and the rest of the inside of the thought bubble turned white. The outside of the thought bubble should stay transparent! If you are unable to do this I understand!

Cloud PNG- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zyu5KK0O_K6kOrytpuN-qWFOfkwJmEIg


Thank you for requesting! We’ll get back to you soon.


Here is your request! Remember to credit Episode Harmony! Do you need any changes?



no they are great thank you! do you have an insta you want me to credit you from or just the forums?


Just credit us with “Episode Harmony made this”


That is lovely. Hmm… kind of wish I can request a profile pic for my Instagram like that but different.


Would you like to request?


Yes, but if it can be done exactly like how she did but I want it like a Halloween pfp since we’re in October and just a bit different kind of pose with it. If anyone or her or you can do that, that’ll be awesome and I’ll post my little details about it. ONLY IF anyone who available can do it.


Ok, sure.


Halloween: Dark Gypsy
Head to shoulder pfp

Outfit: Any kind of Gypsy outfit but color have to be black or something like this and with the accessories

(Plus if possible with crystal ball and with that pose)

Background: A mysterious background - any kind would be fine or this (can you blurred the background)

Never mind, I tried blurring the background. Hope that’s ok or unless I did it wrong.

Character Details:
Skin - Caramel
Brows - Medium Angled
Eyes - Upturned Bold (Color: White)
Mouth - Full Round (Lip Color: Crimson)
Nose - Soft Natural
Face - Oval
Hair - Beach Wave Hair (Color: Black)

That’s all. I hope I’m not missing anything and sorry for the late reply. If this is too much let me know. Thanks!


hey ummm. do u do artscenes


@Dark.epy gurl, can some1 else do it? Cuz u know y I cant lol


Thanks btw


Can I request from @Killerfrost?