Episode Harmony Poetry Contest

Cough cough cough cough

:heartpulse:Hello everyone we welcome you to Episode harmony 2018 poetry contest.:heartpulse:

:sparkling_heart:We will be hosting this contest every time theres a new year. As you may know we have some awesome poetry people that loves to write poems. So why not host a contest about poetry were everyone can share there poems and read poems and most of all have fun listening to them and writting them. There are so many kind of poems and so many kinds of words. So why dont we put them in poems. Enough of my boring words lets move on to the guidelines of this contest​:sparkling_heart:



  1. You must have this written by you no one else

  2. You must tell us what poems you have written

  3. You must follow the rubric

  4. You must sent your entery before stember 2

  5. Please respect the judges decions

  6. If your gonna use someones poem please ask them first

  7. You must not start drama or any fight

  8. Please be paitent for the results

  9. Please do not try and bribe any of the judges to let you win

  10. You must have 1-12 poems

And thats all the rules. If you fail to follow this rules you will be disclafie.

Now lets move on to how this contest will be working

:heart:As you may know this is a poetry contest, and a lot of peope loves poetry so its time for them to write one made by them we will be judging them and will be picking 3 winners that will be helping us with our charity event and we will be sending all poems to people who are sick and have illness as a way to show this peope to keep fighting for there life and stay strong no matter how hard it is as you may not know one of our member family has a illness and she wants to help her however she cans so she wanted to host this poetry contest to help her fight for her life and stay strong. We will be donating 5 dollars for each people who enters to charity. With out any further notice lets go to the rubric

Now that everyone has seen the rubric lets go to our judges so if you have any questons just ask them or comment down and we will be answering all questons thank you everyone for entering and supporting this contest


  1. @Epy.raven

  2. @Rac5hel

  3. @L.I.W.F

  4. @Mashia


All you have to do is use this kind of form

What poem is this?
Whats the title of the poem?
How many poem are you writting?
And last
Send your poem















without any further notice… LETSSS STARTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!

With love~
Episode harmony

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I’ll think about it…


I’m not a part of episode harmony but my name is poet and I’m a failure


Er, I’m a part of the dream team and not really interested? Sorry


If you don’t want to do it, don’t comment. Makes it easier.
ignore :woman_shrugging:


I want to do it lol.

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I would love to enter but how many poems is one person allowed to submit?


Enter then!

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Thanks and ah sorry most of my poems I wrote are about love, does that count for harmony? :joy::joy:


Hah okay.

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Yeah that’s ok


I’m glad poets are the spotlight of this contest and I may be interested in participating, but I have a few questions.

  1. Is there a rubric for how you’ll be judging?
  2. Is there a type of poem it has to be? (Limerick, Haiku, Concrete, Free Verse, etc.)
  3. Does the poem have to mention Episode Harmony, or can it be inspiring and about harmony in general?

Is there a certain length of poem? :thinking: (Like, the number of lines or stanzas…)

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Can it not be about harmony?


Can I enter as a total nobody? :sweat_smile:
And do you expect poems with rhymes?

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I dont really wanna enter, since princess didnt enter I wont. sorry

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  1. Yes there will be

  2. It can be any kind of poem but it has to be inspiring

  3. Nope it doesn’t need to


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You can have how much stanzas you want


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Yeah it doesn’t need to just something insparional

Nope it can be any kind of poem