Episode Harmony Role Play: The Murder List

Welcome to the Episode Harmony roleplay!
Here’s the roleplay: There’s been a series of murders in the town of Lakefield. The next victim suspected is you. Can you figure out who’s trying to kill you, before you get killed?
Now, of course, we have rules.


  1. Sex is allowed. Do not make it descriptive.
  2. Be nice. The world’s a better place.
  3. Something out of the RP world? Use ORP: Insert what you were going say.
  4. Is someone being rude or disrespectful? Flag and PM us the problem.
  5. Don’t be rude.

Now on to the basics!

First, you have to answer the question on this page to be qualified.

Then fill out this google form, for
Then Watch our trailer because, why not?


If accepted, start playing right away!

Inspirational quote for the day: It always seems impossible until it’s done.

The Harmony Team



reserve for 1


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hehe so how is this rp going to work?

Murder listtttt!!!

Jas you need to make a sperate one

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which sentence?? Because do you mean the paragraph or the sentence?

I submitted :blush:


One for singing one for the play when they get accepted

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Also wrong category and how can you make a Bette rp than me I will only write one sentence

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Well basically, the all of you are a group of detectives and you have to find the killer. One of you guys are the next victim the killer, wants. So you have to find them befor eYour next


The title

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Sorry just had to do that

how mmany M’s are in

Episode Harmony Role Play: The Murder List


Thank you @epsd.ama and @Forever1201 well get back to you


Is there any space for the killer :smirk::smirk::smirk:

Alright :grin:

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It’s in the page, Adobe one up there is the offical question and there is a link there for how to answer it

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No when it said murder list

I thought all of the Episode harmony members will be on the murder list