Episode Harmony’s Apology


@Episode.Harmony would like to apologize for the recent troubles regarding other art groups. We will not name anyone in particular to refrain from drama but we want you to know that we are truly sorry. We realize that it was incredibly immature of us to argue in front of customers and we apologize to you as well. Any other issues that occur will be sent through our president and not the thread. Again sorry for any trouble we might have caused. Love you all :heart:️. And remember to live in HARMONY​:rainbow:


I heard there was drama surrounding this group… I saw that your thread was closed. Would you be reopening?


Yes, soon their will be a even better episode.harmony


Ok, well this is a duo group made up of two members on the forums. I hope we don’t get on each other’s bad sides :joy::wink: we won’t stand for drama. It’s petty


You seem like nice people so you don’t have to worry :wink:


Oh thank God


Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is not related to story creation. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:


We might not open


Thank you Sydney for everything you done for the community sorry for all the drama happening lately you must be tired


If you can please thank the other administrators for us too


nice thread <3 even tho i’m not part of EH anymore
this is so nice guys :cherry_blossom:
go! taco quween :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::taco::tada::taco:


How come?


Lol :joy: thx


I accept the apology but just know that sorry means you won’t do it again. Remember that.


Yes Amani. Nothing like this will ever happen again.


Thank goodness. Because my sister was really worried


I accept the apology. Just in future don’t spam us on our threads. If you need to say something to us, then you can pm us.


Of course. That’s what we plan to do if any more problems occur in the future.


Ok got it. Hopefully our groups can work in the same community… harmoniously… (geddit? Harmoniously? Episode HARMONY? No? Just me? Ok) :expressionless:


Lol thats the goal