Episode harmony shop (closed


Continuing the discussion from Episode Harmony Offical Request Thread:

Hi since one of our member well ex member closed the shopped and we couldn’t give you guys the request we will be doing it right now



My mom took my tablet so all your work was lost and I can’t restart it so I will have to give it to someone else

@NDWrites will be doing your request @Miss_Moonlight

Sorry for the delay


That’s okay



Do you still want your covers


Thank you for patience


Do you still want your request


It’s fine :relieved:



Do you still want your covers


One question, I’m still a member right? :joy: lol I just have been working on my art group but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be a member here as well :slight_smile:


Oh lol

I completely forgotten


You can tag me if you find any request, I’ll help :slight_smile:


I had requested banners but I never got them


To me? I thought you were doing them lol :joy: sorry tho i don’t really know, banners are edits of characters? I’m so sorry if I forgotten but I don’t remember it :joy: anyways tell me your details so I can I work on email ASAP, again sorly I might forgotten


No not you lol


Ohhhkay lol :joy:


If its not possible to make I will request somewhere else


I could try :slight_smile: but could you tell me, what are theese banners ? And what details do I need to know? :slight_smile:


Yes sorry I just go up! :slight_smile:


Can you send the details here please


I’m so glad you all opened up again I tried to ask for a background yesterday but seen it was closed. I will get it all together and post. :blush: It may tack me a while I don’t have my computer