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Interviewed: Miah

What’s the forums like to you?: It’s a good place to find help for stuff.

What’s your best and worst experiences?: The best is when I found someone to do my art scene. The worst is when someone stole my art.

What do you like about Episode?: The stories.

What would you like to improve about forums: The hate and stealing going around.

Story Reviews

Disclaimer: Remember this is my opinion and not meant to offend anyone.

Story: “I will always find you” Limelight
Plot 10/10 I love the plot and how you had that animated intro! Keep up the good work!
Choices: 8/10 There’s seems to be choices that were actually important to the script. The part when the guy runs away from the scene, there was no need for a choice there. But still, keep up the good work!
Cover: 10/10 your cover is really good and I love how it captures there fear of the MC to show her struggles!
Directing: 9/10 You seemed fairly good at basic directing and zooms. Make sure to work on it a bit because sometimes the characters look bigger then they should be.
Overall: 10/10. My suggestion is show don’t tell. so the MC has struggles in her life that’s she needs to get past? Show it don’t tell us the reader the things that have happened to her. That’s my only suggestion.
Love the idea of the story and everything just make sure to work on it a bit!
Again this was my opinion and wasn’t meant to offend anyone!

Fun questions!

(Not made by us but unsure who made it…

  1. Name the actor who starred in 142 films including The Quiet Man, The Shootist, The Searchers and Stagecoach. John Wayne.
  2. Name the film noir actress who starred in I Married a Witch, The Glass Key, So Proudly We Hail! and Sullivan’s Travels. Veronica Lake.
  3. What is the oldest film ever made, and when was it made? Roundhay Garden Scene made in 1888.
  4. Which actress has won the most Oscars? Katharine Hepburn, with 4 Oscars and 12 nominations.
  5. Which actress said, “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night,” in All About Eve? Bette Davis (as Margo Channing.)
  6. Name the director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Peter Jackson.
  7. Who played Neo in The Matrix? Keanu Reeves.
  8. Name the actress whose career began at the age of 3, and who went on to star in films such as Contact, Maverick and The Silence of the Lambs? Jodie Foster.
  9. Bray Studios, near Windsor in Berkshire, was home to which famous brand of horror films? Hammer Horror.
  10. In which film did Humphrey Bogart say, “We’ll always have Paris?” Casablanca.

Story Of The Week

Forbidden Fruit by Hasna

Breaking News!

Episode announced they are no longer continuing ink! The community doesn’t know to feel. Most think it will be just like Ink and Classic. Some already like Limelight. Some are sad they aren’t continuing Ink. What do you think?


Sorry for the wait guys, the poetry contest winners have been picked! DM us for the prize!
First Place: @EpisodeForLife93
Second Place: @AS007
Third Place: @Miss.Moonlight

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