Episode has a hate for the Buzzed Hair


I’ve tried everything, but the choice for Buzzed hair isn’t going through for the gain, I have a feeling Episode has a hate for the Buzzed Hair which is a crucial part of my story of where Marcella escapes.

Can someone help me to get rid of this error? I’m at my wit’s end.


Delete spaces between brackets and choices

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I DID that but it just keeps popping up as an error.

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You need to delete them everywhere

What does it say now?

Also, make sure that:

And you wrote gained for one of them, when it should only be gain (gain ClassicBob, not gained ClassicBob)

It worked by removing spaces.

Just wanted to come on here and say I love the title :joy:

All hairstyles are beautiful ^^

And sometimes Episode does have its flaws, though I’ll admit their CC options are plentiful : )

Also, if Episode hated that hairstyle, surely they wouldn’t pool their resources into creating it? :thinking: :sparkling_heart:

Anyways, to the user, good luck with everything! :black_heart:

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I know that. It just gave me a good laugh, I needed it.

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That’s awesome to hear, laughter is amazing and good for us :wink: :sparkling_heart:

OK, I’ll end off here as I don’t want to go off topic… :sweat_smile:

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Solved and closed. :smiley: