Episode has changed a lot

Is it just me or episode is very different from years ago to currently. I remember the app itself used to show like everyone’s stories. Now it’s just more of the ones that are ‘featured.’
You can still search up people’s stories. But I don’t feel like it isn’t the same. As well as lot of the community is lost. There used to be a lot more people in the community. I am just kind of surprised!


100% agree. I used to play episode since the start of ink, and had deleted it a couple times before redownloading it this summer and starting to write my own story. I was so surprised by all the changes. Even the fact that you have to play a certain amount of episode originals or featured stories to unlock the full app and the community stories, I was like huh. And i do agree with the fact that its not that easy to find stories anymore. Ive noticed that even when i search a story by its name sometimes it doesnt pop up, some stories with similar titles do. I dont know why this is happening.

In general i do feel like sometimes episode is not that community-friendly. Sometimes they fail to listen to our needs. The gem rule for the stories to be recognisable is not that easy to achieve. Things like that make me a little sad. As for how many people are in the community, well, I wouldnt know cause before i didnt engage with the community at all. But ive seen a fair share of people giving episode up completely, or switching to other interactive stories apps, like whispers. I think a very big reason for that is also the content guidelines.


I agree with you. It’s a lot different. You have to pay for special scenes if you want the story to be longer or just want to have a special scene. A lot of people have completely given on episode, I was one of them at one point. There’s just so much that has changed. I miss it honestly.

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It went from more “our” community…to a steriler corporation. Even the featured stories back then were a special treat…now its all crappy featured stories and community ones seem buried.

Not to mention…I miss when it had a blue theme. Idk that one felt more…iconic while the new ones nice(and the newest one needs the afro haired girl back= _=) the blue felt more homey


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