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Hey! How is it going? Iโ€™m fine! And yup I decided to make a new epishow! Awesome right? Itโ€™s a way that people can share their talents in the Episode forums!

What you basically have to do to enter is :

Say โ€œim so talented you might cryโ€ , itโ€™s the code!

Do a little sketch of your talent and submit it on the comment section!

If you wanna be a host or a judge write it down -host and judges closed-:slight_smile: good luck!


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Bored. anyone wanna talk
Come and join "episode has talent! (Show)
Share your art / drawings

Hereโ€™s mine

I did it for the amazing @Zoey3


Wow! Wanna enter?


Lol I edited it cause I accidentally uploaded it before I finish it lol :joy:




Awesome! :slight_smile:


I would love to enter Cakes!

puis-je entrer deux?


Sorry I didnโ€™t got you lol :joy:what did you mean ?


puis-je entrer deux?

(Can I enter two?)


Of course you can! Everybody can!


ok parce que jโ€™allais mettre comme 10 dโ€™entre eux.


Translation? :joy:


ok parce que jโ€™allais mettre comme 10 dโ€™entre eux
Lol go on translate then you will understand what I am saying


Ok lol :joy:


les gens de nos joursโ€ฆ :woman_facepalming:t4:


Lol :joy: thanks to translate !


@Turtle_Cat and @AnonymousAuthor1 might be interested?


I wonโ€™t enter, Iโ€™m very good at drawing! Iโ€™d love to be a judge, though!


That would be awesome! So we have our first judge! :slight_smile:


iโ€™m not good at art