Episode having problems while test running it in app


I am having a huge problem with my story, & it all happened when I added in “new episode (2)” my first chapter is off the zooming is off, the speech bubbles are all over the place & the sound/music if off BUT ONLY when I test run it, it shows in the script but when I test it run it in the app… it’s having problems… please help.


There are often problems with the previewer. If you submit a ticket to our support team they’ll be happy to help you out :slight_smile:


make sure on episode 1 at the end all of your zooms & speechbubbles are RESET, ALSO make sure you’re story is reset


Ohhhh, okay that makes much more sence! Would I write it like “@zoom reset AND speechbubbles reset” ? at the end, since I have it ending on an explosion.


yes after you’re done with your zooms/speechbubbles make sure you reset it or else it’ll continue throughout the story. & restarting the episode won’t delete your story


Ok, so I have it like this… is this right? & then what? (I want the explosion to stay in place btw) (it’s zoomed in by the way)


yep !


I put “save & preview & the speech bubbles are off, as for the last lines in the script if I zoom out the overlay is not as I would want it since it’s zommed in.?


are you restarting the entire episode? if not, you should


How do I restart it?


Click on navigation, then restart episode


and you reset it on mobile ?