Episode headaches?

whenever I go to work on my story I get really exicted, then all of the sudden I get a horrible migraine and it stays like that unless I go to sleep??

anyone else??


THATS ME! Like at first I ignored it but now that you say you have them too…:scream:


thank god I’m not alone!

I have one right now lmao :unamused:

It’s 4:34 in the afternoon right now for me. But believe me, for some reason my mind enjoys making backgrounds more than dona coding a story :joy:


lol same.

And ppl request backgrounds from me but its so rare because a lot of ppl are better than me so now I have a heap ton of backgrounds and only like 2 of them are requests because I just enjoy making them so much.


Aww, I’m so sorry if I have ever done something like that to you. I genuinely enjoy making backgrounds too! It’s like being an interior designer, and I’ve always wanted to be that!

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lol ikr??? But when I write my story I always find for some reason that I need a specific background and its just more of an excuse to make them :joy: