Episode hear us roar!

Hey Episode! A lot of us have been really upset with these new rules you’ve been putting in the app, surrounding how writers write their stories. To the point where you are becoming somewhat prejudice and deaf to author’s and their creative passions. (ESSPECIALLY INK!)

  1. You claim that Episode Ink will no longer be updated. Yet, your own Ink stories have outfits that have not even been added as options for us writers.

  2. Your rules have become so confusing over the years, specifically surrounding action scenes, romantic/sexual content, etc. Yet you can’t even follow those same standards!

  3. And now authors/crossovers are not allowed to be featured?

What the heck, Episode?!

Yes, we are real people. But why should that matter? We include other authors in our stories as a means to promote the same interests and come closer together!
It’s plays a huge role in our success, and it’s very unfair of you to take this away from us!

I love Episode! We all do! It’s a means to promote and express our creative passions in ways that are much more meaningful and expressive. It’s something we take pride and joy in.

I can understand copyright and other rules. But this is not the same.

You are going to start losing current and potential authors.

And none of us want that.

Communicate with us! Answer our questions! We have a right to know how and why these rules are in place! And we have a right to know why you have a tendency to break/bend them for your own stories!



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Same here sis! I’m on strike!