Episode Help Groups, are they worth the trouble?


We need to talk…

Disclaimer, I don’t mean to add to the drama, in fact, this topic is addressing it and how stupid all of it is. I don’t mean to offend anyone, these are just my thoughts.

I just finished reading the most hate filled thread on the forums that I’ve EVER seen. It was full of insults, cursing, and overall terrible behavior. I was shocked. I knew the drama between groups was already a huge issue but this just tops it all.

It brings up the questions if Episode help groups are even worth it?
I don’t believe I’ve seen a SINGLE episode help group that hasn’t participated in petty drama. These group’s bring nothing but trouble it seems.

Personally, I’m not apart of any groups for a reason obviously. I don’t feel as if I need to be a in a group to help others? I can easily help them myself. I thought the forums as a whole was a group? We all helped each other the best we could.

The psychology of groups isn’t perfect either. Look at it this way,
With there being tons of different groups out there, there will always be much larger groups. This situation leads to competition and DRAMA

I think people on the forums can easily help others without being in a group. As a community, we are all sort of in a group.

All this drama makes the Episode forums and community look problematic and trashy. Instead, we should be known as a diverse and helpful community. Rather than closing each other off into groups and filling the forums with drama, we should focus on not only ourselves but helping others in a healthy manner.

Now here’s my question for you,
Are Episode Help Groups worth the drama?
Should they exist?

  • No, I believe we can still help members without joining groups and the drama isn’t worth it.
  • Yes! Even if they start drama they still help others!
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If you agree or disagree let me know why!

Please keep drama out of this thread, I won’t tolerate it and I’m sure the admins won’t either.

We’re adults here, Act like it.

These are opinions. Not attacks. Please be considerate and understanding.

Thanks again.


All these drama, man, I just saw the thread, and I was shocked like crazy. We don’t need to join groups that have drama in them.


This is a helping community, and we need to respect others. So, if you are in a group full with drama, my advice is to leave the group and join a new one.


I am new to the forum and I have just started to see all the drama in the groups I have joined. People really need to grow up. Cyber Bullying won’t be tolerated.


Not even that.
Groups are just toxic.
If you want to help people, you can help them without joining groups.
I think the episode community Is a group.
Why should make tons of different ones in it??


Right, I am thinking the same thing.


Hey I feel the groups should still exist. Despite the drama, you learn a lot about art and make some of the greatest friends of all time. But I agree the drama should stop cus it’s given me three panic attacks in the past week.




I mean, have you come across a group that hasn’t had drama? Because I haven’t.
If groups are giving people panic attacks and affecting them in real life, THEY SHOULD STOP!
That’s my opinion.


Yh. Episode bliss. Episode assassins. Episode royalty. Episode bakery.

Those are all new? I wouldn’t say those exactly count.


I am trying to make a group for editors and authors to join to showcase their views and opinions and making request on Fantasy Backgrounds. Not one drama in my group. That i haven’t had yet.


Mmhmm. The drama should stop but the groups should continue. But hey that’s just my opinion.


Yeah. Everyone has different opinions.


This is A GOOD topic to talk about.


I think that, although the idea of people working is very good, it just doesn’t seem to work out. I’m not sure about any of you, but there are all types of problems that pop up:

1. Clients.
The root of this whole problem is that people normally accuse of others using their thread to request for art to complete someone else’s request or the fact that other groups have more requests than some existing groups.
2. Apologies that ending up causing more drama
I don’t know how many apology threads there are that clogs up the whole forum. When someone leaves because of the drama, someone else makes a big deal out of it, and the problem expands. Afterward, people start to intervene and naturally just gets insults because of intervening.
3. Different Opinions
If an incident happens, every group has its opinion about it. Of course, there will be plenty of clashes and everything, ON A THREAD. The way people are dealing with this is just immature. Just simply ignore the person if they don’t agree with them.

  • No “flaming” or “badgering” (members writing hostile or insulting messages aimed at other members for their views, comments, status within the community or any other reason). Anyone can disagree with someone’s views and still offer a polite response.

Except is see most of the groups just simply BREAK THIS RULE.

4. Not following their motive
When someone suddenly starts a drama, people overreact to such things, and argue on their own threads, it gives the wrong impression to members of the community. The point of an art group is to help others and create peace and harmony in the community and stop the drama, not to START them. What’s the point of a group if they’re not following their motive?

5.Insulting one group
I don’t know why many groups have the motive to insult other people’s group. Why don’t they think “If I write this, what benefit will it bring me?” If the answer is no, best not write it.

That’s all I can think of.


Yeah. I have seen that. I just scroll and saw all curse words.


I think part of the problem may be that there are so many groups that appear to pop up without any planning and organization. I made a group with some Episode friends and a few of us spent over a month just organizing, making rules/guidelines, and discussing the direction we’d like to take the group. But it appears that a new group pops up everyday. New groups aren’t necessarily a problem, but I think they should really take the time to organize themselves and figure everything out before jumping into it.



This one too.
Whenever people write: I’m not trying the cause drama, the opposite happens.


I was thinking the same thing. I’m new to this forum and I may need help organizing my group on this Fantasy Backgrounds and stuff. I totally agree with you.