Episode Help Groups, are they worth the trouble?





I just wish the groups who do worry can just chill. If they don’t drama happens. That is the problem here in the art section.


I think also

I was in an art group, that I owe everything to @EpisodeStudio. It meant the world to me and the girls in it meant the world to me. But then there was drama and it was sad because the drama was between me and my ex best friend which somehow got the whole group involved. They all got sick and tired it I did too but they thought drama follows me everywhere. When they left, they made a new group. I wanted to join because if I’m being honest they were the best friends I had made in a long time. But they said no. Because of the drama. but I didn’t want any drama. Whatever, they said they would keep in contact, they didn’t.

That’s what drama can do to you. It makes people think you are drama when the truth is that all you want to do is get away from it…

fuck you bitches.

deep breaths and I’m fine


There used to be like 3 groups. Now there are hundreds. The smaller groups can’t compete with the larger ones, so they shut down. But ya know why can’t we all just hang out a nd chat and joke around? Because people are naturally attracted to drama, that’s they say the world is.

@Circe_dreamteam I was in ES, did you change your username from something?

I do want to shout out Episode Royalty for not being involved in drama!


@Circe_dreamteam @Aerial_author take chatting to the PMs!


But you’re not suppose to talk out of topic~


Which group is that :joy:


Looool forum police :policewoman:


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yes, zad is coolio


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Sorry, this is late but I totally agree with everything you say! And I know drama doesn’t occur much on Instagram but I had this one incident where this girl came out of the cut and said this to me:

“Get all of your shit together and act like an adult.”

I’m not sure about the exact words because I blocked her and I can’t get the message back but it really hurt my feelings because I haven’t done anything to her. Then I realized that she was the same girl that attacked the same art group that I was in.

At first I asked her “What?” but then I ignored it and I blocked her because I’m not trying to start drama lol. I don’t have time for that.

If you don’t want drama, then don’t reply to the haters and only just report to the MOD. That’s just the best thing to do. :slight_smile:


Hm knowing how art groups are being made constantly and there are some dying, the drama is still going on but slowing down.

I still think that art groups should be stopped if it is unorganized.

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I completely agree. Purpose of art groups are to help not to worsen things, if that scenario happens, things should be shut down until everything has calmed down before starting up the groups again.


Absolutely, or you can have it ran by a separate person. There is always an option to take a break too. Soon I am doing it on my own since I can work at my own pace and with no drama.




You can’t really stop the groups, but you can ignore them if they are troubling you. If your not involved, don’t try and inject yourself in the drama, if you feel the need to voice your opinion, feel free, but if someone has said the exact same thing, what’s the point?