Episode Helpers here to help 😁 (1-340 minutes)


Hi Chrissy here :grin:

Episode Helpers wants to contribute to all the members on episode If you wanna to join our group, please contact @EpisodeHelpers or @zoe4564 we love getting new members:grin:

Anyways, we do many things like cover splash character edit background edit profile pictures banners and other stuff

here are some examples of what we do





Character edits




Art scene


Background edit

If you would like anything commet down below :point_down:

1.If you don’t need one don’t ask
2.Do not be mean


Making cover art And splashes (1-30 minutes)(Free)(open)
How to make a character run very fast
Need help newbie
Art Scene Please?
Story Cover please
In need of cover art *NO SPLASH PLEASE*
In Need Of Splashes For My Story!
Looking for a digital artist!
Cover help please
Cover help please
How to get a blurred background?
Special art Scene Artsist Needed!
Need cover art for my story asap!
Waring trouble please help me
Need cover art for my story asap!
Is anyone willing to do some art?
Can someone make this a dusk background
Looking for a cover artist and splash artist!
Looking for a cover artist and splash artist!
Looking For An Active Art Scene Artist (Special Art Scenes)
Anyone willing to do cover art?
In need of a cover/backround?
Is there someone who can do me a cover?

I am looking for a cover for a story I am currently working on,
I don’t need it right now, but perhaps later this following month —
[Defiantly bookmarking so I can sort out what kind of cover I want when I finish my story !!]

Just want to say how talented you all are, and how amazing everything looks :heart_eyes:


Thx :heart_eyes:


I was wondering If I can get an overlay that blurs backgrounds. Check out my account to see what I am talking about.




its a background


I want a background. Do you make them?
If so I’m Charlotte Pitt, creator of my real and drama full life. Can you make a cover for me?
I would like Charlotte in the middle of Hugo and Michael with Amelia and Miryana in the background for me?


I need the characters detail and author name


My author name is Charlotte. Pitt
My story will be published in a few weeks so you can see the characters and see their details. Check episode in about a month and my story should be there.
Thank You


Do you have the character detail


It’s hard to describe all of them.
I will post my story on episode and then you will have the details.




@Episode.BriarRose will be doing it shes amazing at it


Thank you so much!!!




Hello! I’ll message you, okay? :blush:


Thank you so much! Your praises are a boost to our confidence!

A member of Episode Helpers, by the way :slightly_smiling_face::relaxed:


Thank you, I haven’t posted my story yet. I will share it though June. So be sure to look out for it!!
Thanks so much!!


Hello, Pamelavalentinn!

I believe their is a bit of an issue with that particular request. A blurred overlay that blurs all or almost all of them the way you would like it would be hard to do. Every blur is not the same.

However, if you send me specific backgrounds that you may want blurred, I can blur them for you. You will have to save those blurred backgrounds under “Overlay Uploads” and NOT under “Background Uploads.” That way you will be about to use those images any way you see fit like any other overlay. Would you be okay with this?


Love yall! :slight_smile:
Everyone is doing a :+1:t2:
Keep up the good work! :slight_smile: