Episode Helpers here to help 😁 (1-340 minutes)

Hey, what outfits do you want them to wear?

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@Episode.BriarRose do you want to help?


Depends. :joy:

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Oh Sorry! I would like Lucero to be wearing:

Calf Boots Black
Spotted White and Black Belted Sweater Dress

And Tyris to be wearing:
Ripped Punk Pants
Keep Calm Tshirt Flipped (Sonoma Blue)
Blue High Top Dance Shoes


To be honest, I’m not in the mood to apply the changes to a new character. But please, @ms.romancce.episode, if you want them now, then just go to the animations and save an animation for one character hugging and the other hugging back, and I’ll put them in a splash. Thank you! :slight_smile:



@ms.romancce.episode I can make it for you, what is the Instagram account


It is: ms.romancce.episode

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Hey I’m looking for someone to make me a few overlays. If you can I’m looking for the messgae overlays, a blue message speechbubble, a grey message speachbubble, and the typing speechbubble.

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When do you need it

could someone make me … a marker overlay
and also a dog overlay

I can! Just PM me the details!

I would like to join, if you are accepting? I can do normal splashes pretty well with no trouble, and moving splashes or covers for stories. Just P.m me if you are interested! Thank you



Yeah so excited

Can we see some examples

I’m already on it! I’ll send her the link once she sends me her examples

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@ms.romancce.episode your splash is done, hope you like it

be sure to credit EpisodeHelpers or EM_EPISODE

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This is perfect. Thanks!


Hey! I’m looking for people to review my unpublished story :relieved:

It’s my very first story on episode and I’m still learning but I would love it if some of you amazing authors would give me an honest review before I published it?!

Some of the wonderful authors on here have already been amazing - @WinterMoon05 @Apes @ChayChay @_hxxd @EpisodicRose but I’d really appreciate it if I could get as much advice and guidance as possible so that the best of me comes out :heart:

Thanks in advance xx