Episode Helpers, We Love Getting New Members!


Hello, everyone! I’m Briar Rose, the Vice President of Episode Helpers!

We are a source of professional art made by yours truly in no time! We love getting new members as it is a source of joyfulness and gaiety. Our name says it all! We, Episode Helpers are here to help you get more popular in Episode.

As you were probably told in your childhood, it was that it is to never judge a book by it’s cover. And to be honest, I’ve done that many times! How many times have you just barged into a library and forage for a book with lots of colors? Oh, I did that plenty of times! Or once you scrolled down on the Episode app to find a true one-of-a-kind cover to read a story from? That definitely did happen and don’t even deny it, you did that too.

As much as the story plotting and all that matters, creating an art that is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing also matters too. Episode Helpers is all about teamwork, fun and more fun and texts that you practically have to run to read! It’s that exciting!

We all have the same goals and dreams when it comes to Episode Forums: to help the community and the environment and make Episode an entertainment area for all who are new to art.

Words and sentences aren’t the only ones who captures hearts… When it comes to Episode Helpers, art does as well. We express our feelings into our art, we make the reader perceive of the emotions swelling deep in the abyss.

Episode Covers










(Here made by me ^)

If you have any random picture that you wish to make a background but doesn’t fit (too small or too big) then request and we’ll resize it!

Profile Pic






If you’re interested in joining our group, then please click here and comment down below some of the examples.


  • No abdominal content allowed in submitting

  • No hate or jarring comments

  • Always be considering and affectionate

  • Please inscribe in the comments down beneath that you submitted the form for us to acknowledge your request

  • Type your form name (ex: either joined or requested) to be accepted


Form For Joining Episode Helpers:

Form For Requesting Any Type of Art:

Waiting list:

Thanks for all! Written by:

Briar Rose,
Vice President of Episode Helpers

Cover art and splashes needed!
Window Overlays Or Background!
You Guys' Art Is Amazing!
I need a someone to create an art cover or backgrounds or overlays
I need alot of help
Story Cover Needed!
Help splash needed
Anyone willing to do cover art?
Looking for a digital artist!
Artwork cover! who can do it for me? :(
This post is ended
In need of an artist to join a team
So I legit suck at art, and does anyone want to help with my splashes?
Art Scene Outline
Car Background!
Is anyone willing to do some art?

Hey this is also vp of Episode Helpers. Just to let y’all know right now our forums account @EpisodeHelpers was banned for private reasons so if you are trying to pm that account it may not work. I’m trying to get it back and when I get it back i will delete this reply or edit it


I sent my applycationg, hoping to hear from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you send me some examples? I read your responses and they’re good so far! :slight_smile:


yeah, no problem.


Also were having a meeting



Love the profile


Serde, you’re really good! You’re accepted!


these are edits that I made exclusively for my new story but I have many skills if you go to my Instagram @serde_episode you can see other stuff I made for another story, my style is just to add new thing to art catalog backgrounds so it can fit stories even better but I know how to make overlays and other backgrounds editions


thanks, so what do we do now?


I’ll message you details and chats you could join! Thank you! :wink:


got it, thank you so much


If I were to join, would I have to be on all the time? And would I have to get things done in a short amount of time?


No, not really.


Oh alright.


Oh shoot-- I also meant to say that I did submit a form. I didn’t realize I was supposed to say that until now, apologies.


Requested :blush:


Sorry for being so late but you’re accepted!


Which type of form did you request? :slight_smile: