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Anyone willing to do cover art?

Love ur art




Those our my group example

In need of cover art *NO SPLASH PLEASE*
I’m looking for an artist (CLOSED)

New examples


another example from one of our members

I need help writing my story. Please someone to help?
Episode Helpers here to help :grin: (1-340 minutes)
I’m looking for an artist (CLOSED)
The Best Artist Ever

new member

Drawn Splash Needed :)
Video Requests For Stories (OPEN)
Take a Poll, Share a Poll --- Polls Polls Polls!

EVERYONE WELCOME OUR NEW MEMBER @MeganPerkins she made this awesome art

Large cover and small
ART SCENES: Supernatural Romance
Looking for cover art - Sharpie
Need this background edited! (Closed)
I need a new cover



@Ryan please close this thread we are going to get better in art we will open this in 3 weeks


Its not letting me get on

Looking for artist for cover art for small cover and large

Please un-add me as a vp.




I can’t be in this anymore sorry


Being in the UK I only just saw this and was in bed when this was posted at Midnight.

What was going on is everything ok?


Too much drama.


Can you un tag me please. I’m sorry to say it and I’m sad to go but I left episode helpers


Same can u delete my tag.


Same here. I can’t be part of this anymore…


Same here, can you delete my tag…