Episode highkey sucks

you read the title:

episode highkey sucks

I’ve been on Episode for… quite a while now and I’ve seen it got through a lot of changes. The inception of Limelight, the three “Epigeddons” and the cancellations of major episode authors.

here’s what I think about:

the episode team
  1. gem choices - they cost too goddamn much, and bring too goddamn little! I remember the days when there was only 1 or 2 gem choices per chapter, now there are 6! Unbelievable! The gems choices do absolutely nothing. And it’s not like they are reinvesting their money into the app because, yep! The android app is still broken.

  1. diversity - plus sized bodies look off to me it that just me? Their heads look tiny. This not the first screw-up with episode trying to include diversity. The suck at afro-centric hairstyles.
    look at this:
    image what the fuuuuck
    It looks like a flipping rose bouquet.
    Who’s black Afro looks like that?
    they stereotype people in the lgbtq+ community and it ain’t cute

  1. greed - i had so many passes using the wait to play method and then they fixed and I you have to wait 4 hours for 2 passes and it sucks! They started taking away the passes I had already accrued and I contacted support and they did NOTHING.

  1. support team - they suck. You ask them for help, and they do nothing. When my app didn’t work, they brushed it off as if it was a problem on my end. You report a story, the story stays up, because either: the story makes them a tons of money and they don’t want to sacrifice that, or they simply don’t care.

  1. The Broken App - they don’t fix their android app no matter how many times a send a support ticket and I’m near deleting their app

  1. Crappy featured stories - the stories you feature are either hella problematic, are really rushed, or all the characters are race-bent. Or a mix of all three. FEATURE BETTER STORIES.

the episode forum staff

This is not an attack to anyone on the forum team, I know you’re trying, I’m just giving my criticism, please, I’m begging you, don’t delete my Episode existence.

  1. censorship - many people -who I will not name to prevent myself from getting banned - have been censor for their less than pleasant reviews of the forum staff, they get kicked off the platform for attacking the forum team??? How hurt can you be from people speaking their OPINIONS???

  1. unnecessary flagging - you flag people for not having a popular opinion on posts and other forum members participate in this silencing too (aka praising everything you guys do) and you are restricting people freedom of speech. It ain’t right.

  1. Unfair enforcement of the rules - Some people can be flat out RACIST and get away from it, but another person links to another episode forum and will get banned??? I’m not saying don’t enforce the rules but keep the same energy for everyone.

the episode community
  1. Do better - why are so many popular authors racists/homophobes/Islamophobic/Anti-Semitic? There seems to be a correlation between the problematic and popular ones?

  1. Taupe-tanning - why do you give white characters EXTREMELY dark skin and call them white? No normal white person tans that dark without dyeing their skin? You try to make them exotic but they end up looking like fools.

  1. Cultural Appropriation - don’t give white people afro-centric hair style. periodt.

  1. learn the whole story - so many people jump to conclusions. There are three sides to every story. His, Hers, and the Truth. You need to learn everyone’s side before jumping to conclusions and cancelling.

i’m probably gonna add more sections when more people piss me off but this is all for now. Thanks for reading my rant! #community


I totally agree with this! The gem choices used to appear 2 times per episode! But apparently, some “Genius” decided to make stories be able to have more gem choices per episode! I’m not happy! I was so shocked and disappointed that I went to read the community version of Bad Meets Bad/ The Girl with Bad Reputation by Bronte!

By the way, the community versions of stories are way better! I recommend it!


They are trying, have you tried to draw curly hair, its really really hard, episode try to improve looks all the time, sure they can do better. it took sims 20 years to actually put decent afro hairstyles in the game. things can always be done better. I agree the ones in ink wasn’t good. LL is much better, but it would be nice with more, there looked better

yes, why do so many white girls, have so dark a tan, no one gets that, unleash its hella fake. I have spent most of my summer outside in the sun, I have got zero tan. sure my skin is a bit darker, but no where near what you will call a tan.

agree with that one. I think it kinda do depend on context, though usually its a bad context like making them look ugly. personally I actually really love afro hair. the ones

it takes time to fix stuff. the team properly work on it constantly, a thing I really hate with apps and computer games, is its able to get updates, which means they can ship a game full of bugs they can patch, happens all the time in other games especially sims, we have bug there is years old and still not fixed. I never personally had any problems with the app though

couldn’t agree more. why all those romance, one horror just one horror story,

that has nothing to do with those who run it, its people who are on the forum who flags

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and if you are flagged unfairly, and you try to PM them about it, they respond with “No idea”, “I’m not sure”, “Have no clue”, and end it with “we’ll have a look at it [insert amount of days or weeks]”.

This happens so often yet they are so sure that their flag system is perfect. If that’s the case then why are there so many flags that are uncertain?


just ignore the flags, that is what I do

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But it gets annoying once in a while…


I also feel this way about the plus-sized bodies. And I especially HATE IT when authors add the diamond shaped head (or any other head that doesn’t have a puffy/double chin) to the plus sized bodies. 🤦🏽 It looks weird and not realistic.

And that thing about afro-centric hairstyles is so true. While I like that INK hairstyle, it really doesn’t not match the texture of an actual black person’s hairstyle, and that offends me. Where is the diversity, Episode?!

And call me biased-- but this is my opinion-- black hairstyles on a white person is UGLY. Yeah, I said it. Why would you-- a culture different from us-- wear a hairstyle that is not meant for you? And the worst part is the racism that we get from you! So Idk whose side you’re on, but don’t be racist if you’re gonna do something that you most likely see a black (or any other culture) do.


Me when I see these ‘white’ characters: cries in pale ghost :’)

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…I gave a plus size character in my story a skinny face (she’s plus size) because the double chins look really off to me

Understandable. 🤷🏽 I still don’t like it, though

when you say you hAtE iT when authors add skinnier head shapes to plus-sized characters, you’re the one being unrealistic. not ALL plus-sized people have fat faces (speaking from experience). I do agree the heads in general look tiny, but that doesn’t mean all plus-sized people have double chins, and fatter faces. if anything, if there are a lot of plus-sized people if a story and they ALL have fatter faces, that would look weird.


You sounded kind of mean saying that first sentence. I see what you mean, but it still looks weird to add a diamond shaped head to a plus-size character. Maybe if Episode added some new faces or something, I wouldn’t have much of a problem with it, Idk. But I just don’t like it one bit.

I don’t remember the last time I read something I can relate so so well

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Lol you’re welcome :joy::see_no_evil:

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sorry if i sounded mean, i wasn’t trying to

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Okay, then you’ve never seen Spanish, southern Italians or Greek people. I assure you, I’m white (I’m from south of Italy) and I get really, really dark in the summer. So, this thing you just said? Doesn’t apply to all white people.


Whats worse is when they exclude dark skintones in CC but keep afro hairstyles =_=

PREEEEACH Limelight does a bit better but theres huge room for MORE than a teaspoon of styles and technical issues with the natrual hair we do haver there

Dude…I cant even tell u how long its been since i finished a feature story. Mean girls/Pitch perfect Demi Lavato are the last real features ive read. 99% of these stories are TRASHY as frruuuuck rushed and just awful. They are mass produced with the same plot and its tired