Episode Hope is Hiring ...!

We are Episode Hope…!! We love, share and Spread Hope…
Join us In this Beautiful Journey…:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:
Episode hope is HIRING ACCOUNT MANAGERS:! :sparkles::sparkles:

The entertainer will only chat with us…!! :hearts:
The News poster will post some news occasionally…!! :hearts:

The trial poster will post prepared posts from trial members…!! :hearts:

For any further information and For Applying Comment below or PM us.
You may Also know us from Instagram…
Our Instagram Handle is @episodehope.



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Okay… Do you have Instagram? If so Contact me there… and what post do you wanna apply for?

Yes… We are… are you interested? Which post, if so ?

What examples? We need managers actually as the post suggest… and we post different things… you can also apply for Reviewer , editor, daily post and all… You can see our posts on Instagram @Episodehope
So you will have idea…
If you are interested for being one of the Managers then you can DM us on Instagram.

You can still apply… for editor… we are hiring them to on our insta page… You can go and fill the form…

Id like to be a daily post but i dont have insta

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Well this posts are for our Instagram… so it’s important. Are you willing to make one? If not, it’s fine. Just let me know.