Episode Host Club - Art School!




Episode Host Club here!

Some of you expressed your concern of not getting accepted into the group thus we created a solution!

This isn’t persay a group but more of a school of sorts. The joining process isn’t nearly as strict and neither are the rules/requirements.

We wish to help others improve their skills and better themselves!

Please keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you’re apart of Episode Host Club, you are simply In training! If you’re not interested in our Group but would like to learn more about art, please feel free to read and join!!

We hope this assured anyone who felt their response was unfair! We wanted to create an anti-drama group and we’re happy to assist you in redeeming yourself and also bettering your skills!!

Here are some examples from members who will be helping members!

The Teachers!

@ZADDY Realistic/lined Art Scenes


@Dahlia_Blossom Glowy Episode Styled Art Scenes



image image image

@Queen_Faith Episode Outline edits/Editor!



The Rules!

Again, we will not tolerate drama! If we find you acting disrespectful or acting like a moron, you will be removed from the school without a second thought.
You still represent us!

-Do not cuss
-Do not start drama
-Don’t respond to drama
-Don’t respond to negativity
-Don’t take offenses to criticism offered
-Be kind
-Be open minded

That’s all we ask!

Thank you!


What we’re aiming for!

Like a school, we will work with you to better your art skills and if you do well enough and prove that you’ll be a productive asset to Episode Host Club you will graduate to a member!

We will take our time working with you to get to know you and understand your art.

Episode Host Club is a group of talented and skilled artists. You can be one too!

We will offer advice and constructive criticism. We will show you tips and instructions!

Keep In mind, when joining the Art School you will not be considered apart of Episode Host Club! You are in the training process.

What we’ll be teaching!
-How to Code!
-How to Review!
-How to do digital art!
-How to do splashes/covers

To joins please follow @episode_host_club on Instagram or message us on the forums!
No form needed!


@ episode.zaddy
@ episode._crown

We’re two girls who wanted to create a group that defeats all the standards other groups have set. We are drama free, business savvy, and here to help!!

@brinn @ZADDY @QueenMilii @Queen_Faith @LunaWinter @Dahlia_Blossom

If you’re interested in applying to the main group, click down below! We’re still hiring!

Thanks again!

Best of luck!!!


This seems really cool @ZADDY


Just followed you! And I would like to join :slight_smile:


Omg I totally need this! I am new to art…and really need to improve! I am completely interested in joining!


Yeah, and the teachers are such magnificent artists.


Omg ikr…I don’t iderstand how that is possible!


What’s your Instagram? We’ll her conducting the classes in a group chat


I totally need this!!


Oh…my DMs don’t work. It’s weird :frowning:


Is thsi still goging on I would like to join




I would like to join, so I can qualify for the group!


This could be helpful! I want to start learning how to do better digital art!


This is a really awesome idea!! When do the classes start? (Is it to late to join the school?)