Episode Host Club - HIRING


After tons of planning, arranging, and work; Episode Host Club is now hiring!

Episode Host Club will be offering top quality pieces from skilled artists.

As of now, Episode Host Club is just hiring at the moment, we plan on growing and expanding through multiple social-media platforms with help.

We hope our group can assist you, make you feel special, and do whatever we can for you!!!

We consider this VERY important,

Hostess clubs are a common feature in the night-time entertainment industry of East Asian countries. They employ staff and cater to people seeking drinks and attentive conversation

In our context, we’re a group that caters to people seeking help with art, reveiws, etc.

Our theme is meant to be deep, serious, and mature. Our interaction with others will be on a serious and mature manner with no bad behavior.

We want to display a certain personality and theme with our group that others don’t typically share. We hope this theme and how it’s conveyed will help your experience be easier and more efficient.

However, outside of business; we love to goof around and show a little bit of immaturity. Most rules and ideas are meant for how we act towards clients.

We aren’t like other groups,
I wouldn’t consider Episode Host Club just a family, more of a “Family Business”.

We are here to help and nothing more.

We have a set of fairly strict rules for a valid reason.
As some of you know, groups tend to participate in drama.
I’m here to let you know otherwise.
I will not allow drama or competition with other groups.
The consequences are heavy.
The rules are somewhat strict.
Some rules have more serverity to them, if you break one of the bigger rules then you will not be given a second chance and will be booted from the group.

Rules: (Mild - Warning)
-Do not curse, we are better than that.
-Do not spam, it’s annoying.
-Do not whine, it’s also annoying.
-Do not be disrespectful towards any members.

Rules: (Moderate - Confrontation)
-Do not argue with clients
-Do not disrespect clients
-Do not make fun of other members
-Do not blow off your requests
-Do not start drama out of the group

Rules: (Severe - Removed from Group)

I don’t care who started it, who said what, or what happened. If there’s any drama, I will kick you from the group. Even if you’re the victim is some way, I won’t tolerate It. If someone insults you, disrespects, or does anything negative; you are to ignore them or flag them. We are not children, we do not argue back and forth.

We are still your group, you can express your feelings to us without starting drama. You can tell us if someone made you feel bad, we are here to listen and assure you. But we will not attack or fight your battles for you.

We use Instagram to contact one another and we also conduct our interviews on it, if you don’t own Instagram then that presents a large problem.
Anybody below 13 isn’t accepted!
No signs of drama from past groups!
Read all the rules!!!

Thank you.

Hiring is a bit white-listed meaning we’re very skeptical of who joins (for a valid reason) to avoid drama and trolling.
As someone who’s seen all the Episode Group Drama, I will do everything in my power to keep it out of this group.
We love the episode community and don’t want to trash it with drama.
We’re looking for moderate-to-high skilled artists. This doesn’t mean to offend anyone, it’s part of the groups image.
We know there’s tons of talented people who avoid joining groups due to how problematic they can become.

Hiring will include-
Filling out a Form
An interview
And Examples

Spots that we’re hiring for:

  • Art Scenes

For anyone that can draw a full figure in the requested manner. You can also draw backgrounds for covers, scenes, and etc. it doesn’t have to completely episode related.
(This includes high skilled members)

  • Reviews

For anyone who can write up a detail heavy and helpful review. You can review unpublished and published stories. We will not tolerate fake-reviews or poorly written ones. Nothing against other reviewers out there, we simply want a certain standard of reviewing in our group. We want our reviews to help writers improve!
We believe anybody has potential to review well, you just need good grammar and pay attention to details.
(Skill level not necessarily important)

  • Splashes/Covers

For anyone who can create decent splashes and covers. If you have correct software and skill with using effects, designs, and overlays then this is for you. You need to have experience in design and a little bit in drawing,
(Skill level moderate-to-high)

  • Help Desk

For anyone who knows the episode commands and codes inside out. You will be answering questions anybody has with errors, bugs, and etc. It shouldn’t be that hard!
(Skill level Moderate)

  • Other

If you have any other skills you’re good at that you believe will help the group, then please fill out the form and let us know! We’re interested in finding new ways to help people.


@ episode.zaddy
@ episode._crown

We’re two girls who wanted to create a group that defeats all the standards other groups have set. We are drama free, business savvy, and here to help!!

@brinn @ZADDY @QueenMilii @Queen_Faith @LunaWinter @akriti17kpop

We are still hiring!

@Sayanjali_rizvi @epsd.ama @Miss_Moonlight



Fill out the form here!
Please read the rules and requirements before signing up, it’ll help you fill out the form correctly.


Didnt get accepted or don’t meet the requirements?

Check out Episode Host Club - Art School!

Thank you again!!!




We will respect other groups and support each other!



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We will message anybody that fills out the form letting them know we received it and that we’re determining if an interview is necessary.

Thanks again!

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I’d love to submit a form but I have a feeling I wouldn’t be able to finish some requests in a quick time. I really love the idea of an art group who acts maturely and focuses on what it is there for. I’ve been looking for one like this though.
Anyways I wish you luck with your group and getting members.

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There’s not time limit really.
Just get your request done in a week and you’re good! Anything more and that’ll be a bit too long!
Fill out the form and we’ll interview you!!

Hello! I too have an art group and while still being friendly and playful, we aim at maturity and no drama. So far I’ve been successful in staying professional and drama-free, and I intend to keep it that way. I’m just saying that to let you know the respect I have for you on such a high level for creating a art group that doesn’t just say, “We don’t start drama. We are a family.” Anyway, I really want to apply, but I have a question. Will you be required to contribute multiple hours a day? Although I show dedication and determination for anything I do/join, I do have an art group and personal request system myself, and it keeps me mildly busy on a daily basis. If I am accepted, I, of course, would honestly commit to the group and help as I can, but I’m wondering if there is a certain disciplinary action that is enforced if I am not available enough. Thank you for your time!

A couple examples of mine



Your examples are GREAT!
And you don’t have to be active every day.
Doing requests and art takes time, we understand that! No rush at all!
You can fill out the form and we’ll do an interview!
You can ask further questions there!!

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Thank you so much! I’ve gotten started on the interview.

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Alright, I’ve filled out the form.

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@ZADDY I’ve completed it, and I’m actually quite excited to see if I made it or not! Thanks for making this, it was a pleasure to fill the form out! :relaxed:


I’m sure you made it, Dahl, you’re amazeballs :slight_smile:

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@ZADDY On a completely unrelated note, I love reference on your bio for the location. That video made me laugh tears… :sweat_smile::joy::joy:


Yes, it’s iconic :joy:

Exactly! Hehe

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We are still hiring :heart:

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This looks really good and better than other groups…i’ll submit a form! I also really appreciate the rules, and the members.

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I submitted mines

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@ZADDY @Queen_Faith I submitted my form. Just to let you know, I cant access my dms, but my email and forums are open!

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